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Recap of VALORANT First Strike: Turkey’s Second Day

The action of First Strike: Turkey continued with two upper and lower-bracket series today. While Futbolist and BBL Esports received spots in the upper-bracket final, the tournament bid farewell to HaZe Clan and Beşiktaş Esports.

First Strike
Photo courtesy of Riot Games Turkey

Here’s a full recap of the second day in Turkey.

Sangal Esports – Futbolist

Two of the favorite teams of First Strike: Turkey faced each other in first semi-final of the the upper bracket. The series started with Bind as Sangal’s first pick, and they began the match at full-speed. Besides the correctly played post-plant positions, the members of Sangal Esports also managed to take crucial clutch rounds. Even though Futbolist fell behind 5-0, they were able to turn the match around, taking a 12-11 lead. However, Sangal earned the first map point in extra time, 14-12.

The second map, Ascent, had a different narrative than the first one. Unlike in Bind, Futbolist had momentum from the beginning, punishing the passive defence of Sangal Esports, and finishing the first half with 8-4 lead. In the second half, Sangal had chances to come back, but didn’t act on them wisely, and Futbolist tied the series 1-1, winning the map 13-7.

We headed to Split as the final map of the series, which was picked by by Sangal, even though it was the playground of Futbolist. SasuKe had 29 frags throughout the map with a magnificent performance, and assisted Futbolist to defeat Sangal Esports 2-1, sending Sangal to the lower-bracket.

Anatolia Esports – Beşiktaş Esports

In the first round of loser bracket, two first day losing teams battled to see who was saying goodbye to the tournament. The first map, Haven, was all about the snowball effect for Anatolia. Beşiktaş’s defensive line was too behind, so Anatolia could do whatever they wanted, and applied their strategies without meeting an obstacle. As a result they took the first map, 13-5.

Beşiktaş seemed more aggressive and stable in the second map, Bind. Putting on 24 frags, the team’s star nisay helped his team secure the lead in the first half. However, retakes are very important in VALORANT, and if your team isn’t good at them, you’re going to lose the game eventually. Such was teh fate of Beşiktaş. They lost the lead in defense due to communication problems, and Anatolia’s players were clever enough to take the advantage. Winning Bind 13-10, Anatolia Esports eliminated Beşiktaş Esports from First Strike: Europe.

HaZe Clan – Mod-Z

Today’s second lower-bracket series was expected to be close, but Mod-Z showed everyone that they were wrong. Yesterday, Mod-Z performed very well in defense, but struggled on the attacking side. However, it looked like they fixed the problem, giving up only one round due to attacking strategies, as they grabbed Bind with a 13-6 lead.

in Ascent, we witnessed that HaZe Clan’s plans weren’t enough to slow down Mod-Z. Every player of Mod-Z finished the game with a positive KDA getting more than 10 kills, sweeping their rival HaZe Clan with 13-5 lead and qualifying to the second round of the lower-bracket.

Oxygen Esports – BBL Esports

Two of the best teams in Turkey took their places in the stage in order to get a spot in the upper-bracket’s final. The series started in Icebox, which was the first time players of First Strike: Turkey scene had visited the snowy battleground, alongside forty thousand viewers. Even though the map was Oxygen’s choice, BBL had the quick start. Oxygen used their Viper plans to eventually take the lead as the rounds went on, but BBL managed to tie the match at the end of the first half. After Toronto popped-off, the second half became better for Oxygen, and they closed Icebox with a 13-10 lead.

The sleeping monster woke up for the rest of the series. BBL Esports crushed their opponents with fabulous performances from everyone, only losing eight rounds total within two maps -Bind and Ascent- making a comeback from 1-0 to 2-1. BBL Esports secured their place in the Upper-Bracket final where they’ll face Futbolist. Oxygen will now have to try and climb up from the lower-bracket.

VALORANT First Strike: Turkey will continue with four matches tomorrow.

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