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Respawn Entertainment Reveals Apex Legends Winter Circuit 2021

Dear Apex Legends competitors, you better start preparing yourself, because Respawn Entertainment has announced the details of Winter Circuit for the upcoming year with a huge prize pool. Starting on Jan. 17, the event will have a $750,000 prize pool combined for all regions.

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

While Apex Legends Global Series: Autumn Circuit Playoffs are set to begin on Dec. 19, Respawn stoked the fire with the structure of Winter Circuit 2021. The teams will compete between January-March for a spot in the playoffs, which will start in late March. 

If you consider participating in the tournaments, you have to reach Gold IV Rank on PC in Series 6 Split 2 by noon PT on Jan. 14. You can make your registration through here.

There will be five different regions: South America, North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), APAC South (Greater Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand) and APAC North (Japan, Korea). Each region will have a different prize pool for qualifiers and the playoffs:

Qualifiers prize

  • North America – $6,000 to first place
  • Europe – $6,000 to first place
  • APAC North – $4,500 to first place
  • APAC South – $4,500 to first place
  • MEA – $3,000 to first place
  • South America – $3,000 to first place

Playoffs Prize

  • North America – $48,000 to first place
  • Europe and MEA – $48,000 to first place
  • APAC North – $30,000 to first place
  • APAC South – $30,000 to first place
  • South America – $18,000 to first place.

Participant teams from every region for the playoffs will be determined via Online tournaments, Winter Circuit points and the last-chance qualifier. After that, the top-20 teams from each region will be revealed to face each other in the playoffs.

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Starting Dates of Winter Circuit Online Tournaments(WC OT):

  • WC OT 1: January 17
  • WC OT 2: January 31
  • WC OT 3: February 21
  • WC OT 4: March 7
  • Last Chance Qualifiers: March 21
  • Playoffs, Day 1: March 27
  • Playoffs, Day 2: March 28

You can find the official rules of Apex Legends Global Series here.

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