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Return of the K/DA Queens: A Look at ALL-OUT

In perhaps the most anticipated return for League of Legends, Riot Games reintroduced their global popstar band K/DA to the world with a new EP, a new champion and new aesthetics.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Earlier in the fall, I took a look at the role K/DA had in pop culture and the mainstream media’s explosion around four League of Legends champions. Websites such as Billboard, Yahoo! News and Twitter exploded in the 2018 introduction and their debut music video, POP STARS, is Riot Games’ most-viewed music video to date. 

Flash forward to 2020 and Riot began teasing fans and reporters alike (and again, I got pretty excited) about the pop icons’ return. And Riot went all out.

The hype began earlier in the year when they introduced Seraphine, an indie songwriter looking to be heard. Fans immediately began speculating that Seraphine would become League’s newest champ. And once pictures were posted with the spunky artist with K/DA, the pieces began to shine: K/DA was returning this fall.

Seraphine later became a champion in the game but the biggest shock was the event to which she was debuted. Riot announced in a video that K/DA would take over all Riot-related games, from Little Legends in TFT to a new skin line for the five champions (including an Ultimate Skin for Seraphine’s debuts.)

K/DA All-Out
Courtesy of Riot Games

A few days later, K/DA took to the Worlds stage to perform their newest single, MORE. Immersed in AR technology, the entire squad was brought to life with help of Lexie Liu and a flurry of talented dancers. 

Their performance previewed an incredible EP – ALL OUT. Filled with voices from all over the globe, every track offers a unique performance that highlights the five principle characters.

This story of connection between video games and music is incredible. From the collaborations of THE BADDEST and MORE to highlighting singular characters in VILLAIN and I’LL SHOW YOU, each track is an incredible divergence into the lore and characteristics of the band. I only hope we get some more. (Sorry, I’ll stop with the puns.)

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