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Rick and Morty really want you to buy a PS5

Rick and Morty are no strangers when it comes to ads that break the 4th wall, but their latest installment seems to have taken the cake. In their newest advertising exploit, the two hype up the PS5 by talking about the speed of the console and the new controller that simulates in-game actions. In the background of the ad, you can see Rick counting a big stack of money that he supposedly got from doing this promotion. I honestly found this ad hilarious and a fantastic collaboration between the two brands.

If you are a big Rick and Morty fan you probably already know that these two have been in other ads similar to this one. There is of course the Pringles ad, which talks about how great it is to combine different flavors of the chips into one mega flavor experience. The ad takes a slightly darker turn just as you would expect when we find out that Morty is actually a robot (spoiler alert.)

Also, who could forget the Wendy’s ad where breakfast sandwiches attack the two, forcing them to make their ad. If it sounds strange, that’s because it is. Check it out for yourself.

Finally, the two also found themselves doing a Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s commercial where, to Morty’s disgust, the living food abominations get sauce all over his room.

All of these ads are really weird, there is not really any other way to put it. But they work. The popularity of Rick and Morty as a show that also breaks the 4th wall makes it seem only natural that the duo would talk directly to their audience in advertisements, too. Companies would use this to their advantage, using the two to target a specific demographic and get across everything they want to say. I for one cannot wait to see the next ad these two are in.

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