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Riot Announces Year-Long Global Event, The 2021 Valorant Champions Tour

While the First Strike finals are just around the corner, Riot Games announced the “2021 VALORANT Champions Tour” as their next big event.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) will consist of three different stages: Challengers, Masters, and Champions. Throughout the year, three different Challengers tournaments and Masters tournaments will be held. At the end of 2021, VCT will be over with the biggest tournament of the marathon, Champions.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The season will start with the worldwide Challenger event in late January. Every Challenger stage will feature three different tournaments which contain eight teams each. The participants will be determined by open qualifiers. According to the graphic Riot shared,  while the top four teams of Challengers Weekend 2 and 3 will qualify for Challenger Final, the bottom four teams of Challengers Weekend 2 will be able to advance to Challengers Weekend 3 directly by avoiding open qualifiers.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In the Challenger Final, the best eight teams will compete with each other to qualify for Masters. Even though every region has different numbers of slots for Masters, the top three teams will represent North America in the next stage.

The Masters will be international events and held for three times during the season. Featuring sixteen teams each, Masters will be the last obstacle that stands in front of the teams to qualify for Champions. While eleven teams will take their places in Champions via Circuit Points, the winner of Masters 3 will earn a spot in the biggest event directly.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

After the third Masters tournament, four different Last Chance Qualifiers will be organized to provide last chances for the teams. Within LCQs, every region will have an additional slot for the Champions tournament.

The season will conclude with Champions. Similar to Worlds, Champions promises to be “A massive two-week long event which will feature the best sixteen teams from around the globe.”

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