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Riot Enabled Killjoy After a Quick Fix

Riot Games was having trouble with Killjoy since she was released. Her turret caused a bunch of bugs in the game, and it didn’t look like it would be able to stop. Killjoy was soon disabled by Riot on December 1st; however, with some quick action, the company managed to fix the issue a day after.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The new turret bug was reported by many players on Twitter, Reddit etc., and finally Riot took action to fix the issue after nearly a month. The glitch allowed players to place Killjoy’s turret under a surface and let turrets control a C&B site alongside the Garage in Haven without being spotted. In this situation, there would be only one site left to attack since the turret couldn’t be found.

The developers sent a tweet about the glitch via the official VALORANT account a few days ago and said: “You might have heard about Killjoy’s newest ability – placing turrets under the map. Believe it or not, this update was not intended. We’ll be disabling Killjoy until we can patch this exploit.”

However, the wait wasn’t so long. Nearly a day after, Riot shared another tweet that said, “The bug fix is in. Killjoy can no longer place turrets under the map.” The news relieved many pro players since First Strike tournaments started on December 3rd, and they would have had to change their strategies if Killjoy’s turret wasn’t fixed until then.

In addition, Sage using her wall pre-round and Omen using the teleport to an inappropriate location have been solved by Riot with this hotfix. 

“The change to Sage’s wall will be sticking around in the next patch, but don’t worry – we’re not nerfing your girl. We have a small balance change planned to put a little power back into her barrier,” the developers said.

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