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Riot Games Unveils New Developments for Legends of Runeterra in 2021

With the live stream opening of the 2021 League of Legends season, a slew of new changes are coming to Legends of Runeterra. From new champions, new labs and new competitive streams: there’s a lot to unpack.

Photos and all subsequent photos courtesy of Riot Games

Diving into the Sands of Shurima

The next expansion will dive into the world of Shurima – the ancient sand civilizations. According to Designer Jeff Jew, it will be a more calculated world, not just diving into the lore but also a strategic and game-centered region. We do not know any traits or cards, but it seems to be an exciting one for sure.

Champions – Masteries and Additions

With the return of Shurima comes new champions. The dev team mentioned this year that they plan to release champions outside of the scheduled releases. One such champion is the addition of Aphelios (insert 200 Years meme here). Aphelios will bring a development of new skills including his signature set of moon weapons. There is no release date for Aphelios.

Also added will be Champion Mastery, a feature brand new to Runeterra that carries from League. While it is unsure how you will earn masteries, it will be exciting to see the development in the future.

Labs and Esports

The expansion of Labs from last year was a great success and the team is adding more. It starts soon with a Noxus inspired lab that requires a little bit of teamwork coming in January.

Following that will be continued development into the esports scene with more tournaments and more exciting content coming, including a new development with The Ruined King.

We are excited to see the Legends of Runeterra world expand and look forward to covering the game in 2021.

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