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Riot Games VP Announces Latest Project

Greg Street, VP of IP and Entertainment for Riot Games, announced on Twitter earlier yesterday that Riot Games is currently making a brand-spanking-new MMO. He assured us that we wouldn’t be getting it any time soon, so don’t expect to see or hear many details about the project until we get closer to 2022. 

As an executive, Greg is no stranger to getting hands-on with projects. He previously helped design many aspects that we currently see in W.O.W today. The VP announced that the latest project would take place in the League of Legends universe, and he was hired to help Riot Games expand it as much as possible. How far this expansion will reach is really anyone’s guess at the moment, but Greg was very excited to share the news with everyone, so we can bet something pretty good is in store for us. 

Since its start in 2006, Riot hasn’t really focused on MMORPG’s. It’s no doubt that their MOBA game L.O.L is regarded as somewhat deistic when it comes to esports, and other games like Valorant have found a solid pro-player base. Greg Street’s previous experience with successful MMORPGs is going to be a huge plus for him here, and with him reciting his work for W.O.W, we can expect to see a hand in the gameplay mechanics themselves.

Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games

I can’t wait to see what project this behemoth studio pumps out next.

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