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Riot Revealed the VALORANT Running Accuracy Alteration

If you are a VALORANT player, it’s likely there are a few things which you hate in the game, and the running accuracy is probably among them. I’m saying that because I HATE IT as well, but our suffering might end in the new year. According to the co-lead game designer of VALORANT, the design team is working on this issue.

Courtesy of Riot Games

It’s Christmas and everyone has the right to wish for something to be real, and the Captain America of 100 Thieves, nitr0, wished the best thing, wanted by nearly all VALORANT players: decreasing the running accuracy in the game.

Our savior tweeted out the other day and said, “The #1 thing I wish for in VALORANT is to decrease the running accuracy.” (Yeah man, mine too.) The tweet received so much support in such a short time; in fact, NRG’s daps voiced his passion, too. “I pray for this day everyday,” he said.

Legends say “If you say something forty times, it happens,” and I think it’s happening. Max Grossman, co-lead game designer of the game, took the microphone, dropped the bomb, and left the stage: “In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll let you know, we are working on it. Unfortunately it won’t be the next patch but it’s top of mind for the design team. Hoping to get y’all some changes in the new year.” I don’t know if you believe me guys, but I started to cry after seeing this.

The change is not coming with Episode 2’s update, but it’s enough to hear for now that Riot’s working on the solution. The next patch is expected to be published on January 11st, and VALORANT Champions tour will start at the end of January, so Riot Games should make this alteration before the tournament starts since professional players will need some time to adapt it.

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