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Riot Shares the Silhouette of VALORANT’s 14th Agent

While Episode 2 Act 1 of VALORANT is only a month away, we’ve been getting further details about the upcoming agent that will come into the game. Riot Games shared a silhouette of fourteenth agent on their media page. 

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In the silhouette, the brand-new agent wears a jacket which has spikes on its shoulders and left arm while holding a gun in his right hand. Having spiky hair, the fourteenth agent’s facials probably look similar to Phoenix. He has thorns on his hand, so it’s likely that the upcoming agent will not be fully human.

Riot Games hasn’t given any information about him, but data miners and fans have been trying to solve the mystery of Agent 14 by taking in-game easter eggs and game folders into account. A while ago, a leak video popped off on social media showing an invisible person walking on Icebox by leaving blue footsteps behind him/her. Also, a data miner found a “Stealth” column in the game’s folder in September. Fans thought the brand-new agent would be a samurai who manipulates time and death, since they found a samurai costume in Icebox; however, Agent 14’s silhouette doesn’t look like a samurai.

Even though watching theories unravel is fun, there is no way of knowing what’s coming in Episode 2 without an official statement. But we won’t wait long to see the details of Agent 14, as Episode 2 Act 1 will launch on January 12th, right after the end of E1A3.

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