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Riot Teases New Sets, New Gamemode for Teamfight Tactics

In Riot’s Season 2021 Opening Day livestream, the developers teased a bunch of stuff coming to the League of Legends universe in 2021. On the TFT side of things, Riot is gearing up to release the Fates Mid Set, a completely new set, a new game mode, as well new features coming to Teamfight Tactics esports. 

Screenshot courtesy of Riot Games

After being released in June of 2019, TFT has found success as a League of Legends side game, garnering its own player base and competitive community. Riot has big plans for the game’s future, and 2021 will see a lot of upgrades coming to TFT. 

The Fates Mid Set 

Available next patch, Riot’s second attempt at a mid set will feature new team comps for players to “discover and master.” Aurelion Sol and Swain will be making their TFT comebacks, as well a “few old favorites, with their abilities set to the mythic tier.” Ornn is also coming, with a unique ability allowing him to forge upgradable items.

Screenshot courtesy of Riot Games

Along with new champions and team comps, Riot is also releasing two new unique arenas, Club 2 and Lunar City. Club 2 will have the unique feature of music playing in the background, which will include some sick beats sure to pump up the players who choose to use the arena. Lunar City will take place in a futuristics setting during the Lunar New Year celebration. 

Screenshot courtesy of Riot Games 

Riot is also releasing new Lunar New Year themed Little Legends to go along with the new arenas. 

Screenshot courtesy of Riot Games 

New Set and New Gamemode 

Riot also teased a new set and new gamemode coming to TFT in 2021. The new set will be themed around corruption and the balance between good and evil. With the Fates set still going strong, fans will have to wait for more details on the upcoming one. 

TFT’’s new gamemode will be a “mode to play when you’re short on time.” The developer explained that “it’s still TFT, but a bit simpler and a lot faster.” That’s all the information Riot gave fans about this, and only time will tell what’s in store. 


After the first TFT global championship during the Galaxies set, Riot is set to crown a new champion of the Fates set in a few months. The team is also working on developing a spectator designed for esports viewership, which Riot said should be ready by the next championship. 

That’s all Riot teased for TFT’s 2021 campaign, although they admitted there’s a bunch more stuff coming to the game this year. Players will just have to wait to see what else is coming in 2021. 

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