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Road To Ranked: Brawlhalla

If you’re wanting to take a crack at Brawlhalla’s open tournament, then this guide may have the tips to take you closer to the top. Grab your favorite legend, put those bots on extreme, and get ready to learn some combos.

Courtesy of Blue Mammoth Games

Your ELO is going to take a pummeling as you attempt to rise from the common “Tin” tier to “Diamond” with the ranked elite. Everything from cliff-falls, sig spammers, and repeated weapon throws stand in your way. Ranked is filled with nothing but tryhards who are impressively good at pressing two buttons really quickly, so you’re going to need to play smarter.

Change Your Legends Stances

Too many times I’ve gone into ranked to see someone trying out a legend with default stats. This is counterproductive. You need a solid idea of your character’s strengths and weaknesses before you even begin to touch ranked. Getting at least five levels with a certain legend unlocks a stance (Dexterity, Speed, Strength, Defense) that really helps give you an edge in a specific area, and could be a great counter to your opponent’s legend.

I main Wu Shang, whose high dexterity and speed make him a handful when it comes to close-quarters combat. Legends like Krull, who are typically in the top-tier for damage, are slow enough to comfortably smack around. It isn’t until I slap on the extra speed stance where legends like Asuri are more equalized and it becomes a game of “Who’s better with combos?”

Combos Tip The Game

Combos are what separates you from the sig spammers and weapon throwers. In other words: cop-outs. You only have two buttons to work with here, so these aren’t going to be that difficult to pull off. Landing the hits and proper timing is really what you want to be practicing. This can easily be done by 1v3ing or 1v4ing a team of bots in custom. Once you start smacking around three or four bots you change the difficulty. Don’t underestimate the training ground and the custom game modes. These are vital to helping you fight better in ranked.

Here’s a quick combo video guide:

In Conclusion

Take the time to actually learn your character and their combos before you jump into any ranked mode. Focus on first landing your hits and properly timing your signatures so you aren’t punished for overusing them. Weapon throws are a great tactic in the game but they are in overabundance right along with your button smashing. Give those mashers a real reversal by throwing your strategy back at them. Training ground and custom are key for understanding vital mechanics responsible for taking you to the top.

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