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Rockstar Games releases trailer for the “Cayo Perico Heist”

A few days before the release of the “Cayo Perico Heist” on Dec. 15, Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for what players can expect in the upcoming Downloadable Content (DLC). 

Cayo Perico
Courtesy of Rockstar Games

The newest addition to GTA Online’s heist lineup, the trailer gives players a look at “El Rubio,” the main inhabitant of the island. An associate of Martin Madrazo, El Rubio is the world’s “preeminent narco-trafficker and supplier,” according to a Rockstar newswire update

Along with a quick glimpse of El Rubio, the trailer also heavily features locales in the DLC including nightclubs, sprawling beaches, a small wooded area, and more. The trailer also shows new gameplay mechanics like the ability to use grappling hooks, new ways to score loot, and a new submarine ready for player use. 

Perhaps two of the most interesting aspects of the trailer were the ability to fire a controllable missile and the potential to start the titular heist while firing said missile above the previously-mentioned submarine. There was also a quick shot showing how much the potential payouts for the Heist would be: “Madrazo Files” were worth $1.1 million and “Secondary Targets” worth $2.848 million. 

There are also new vehicles – such as a gunboat – to commandeer as well as new clothing options. That said, all the new additions in the DLC aren’t expected to be cheap, so expect there to be a lot of grinding just to be able to afford any of the new content. 

Additionally, Rockstar has announced it will be releasing the “Music Locker,” an area located underneath the Diamond Casino and Resort. The Music Locker will feature music by Detroit legend Moodymann with German artist Kienemusik and British DJ Palms Trax set to join them soon. 

Check out the trailer above and be on the lookout for more updates concerning GTA Online and the upcoming “Cayo Perico Heist.”

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