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Rowdy Rogan’s Warzone Ban Was Cap, but a Stroke of Genius

Riddle me this: What makes a good story?

You’ve got to have a good character, right—one with some admirable traits, perhaps even an intriguing background. The plot has to be nice and juicy too you’d figure, rife with twists, turns, and unpredictability—or maybe even predictability if flawlessly executed. And the ending? It has to be satisfying—after all, what else would follow the entire plot?

Source: Instagram/Rowdy Rogan

The question itself is a loaded one with many different answers. For the purposes of this article, let’s take it back to the early school days when you first start to learn the basic elements to any story—good or bad—with the 5 W’s:

Who: 6-year-old Warzone Prodigy, and FaZe 5 Top 20 finalist, Rowdy Rogan

What: Banned from the game.

When: The evening of December 9 during a live stream.

Where: The internet, where you ironically can’t believe everything that you see.

Why: ________

Well, speculation as to “why” led to many theories, setting the internet ablaze as it rallied behind the young streamer. “#FreeRogan” became a trending topic on twitter shortly after the news spread like wildfire.

The “ban” had all of the makings of a true comeback story, with a narrative fit for the proverbial storybooks. Imagine…

Our valiant hero Rowdy Rogan topples the evil Activision empire as the 6-year-old prodigy gets his account back and joins FaZe Clan as one of the FaZe 5 winners.

The jury’s still out on who will eventually join FaZe, but the ending to this particular story is one literally scripted to perfection, with each role playing their part to a tee. Perhaps there is no role as crucial as the one played by the internet/social media, which was vital in helping to tell this false narrative.

With over 870,000 views, this video here is the origins of the epic troll job and the official opening scenes to what is sure to go down as a controversial and critically acclaimed masterpiece.

First off, if you claim that you knew this was staged or didn’t have even a slight sense of uncertainty, stop the cap.

Secondly, to the Rowdy clan—mom, dad, little sister, and Rogan—well done.

If you didn’t already know, Rowdy Rogan made the top 20 of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge, and for its first challenge, the contestants were given five days to attempt to make one post on social media go viral. The plan was shortly thereafter put in motion by the evil geniuses of the Rowdy family to troll the world by staging a fake ban to Rogan’s Warzone account.The stunt got the whole internet poppin with “#FreeRogan,” which ranked as high as fifth on the most trending topics on twitter, right behind rap superstar Jack Harlow. The movement garnered national attention and was even picked up by Forbes, among other notable news outlets.

Source: YouTube/RowdyRogan

News of Rogan’s “ban” shocked the community and caught the attention of many notable figures in gaming and esports. Many fans and supporters showed support with #FreeRogan.

A whole new meaning to fake news, many bought into the legitimacy of the ban, theorizing that there may be a possible breach in Activision’s terms of service due to Rogan’s age. Another common thought was that the “ban” could’ve come as a result of cheating because a siX-yEAr-olD CaN’T pOSibbLY Be ThAT gOoD.

Those aware of the details of the most recent FaZe challenge were even caught by surprise by a fantastic team effort from Rogan and family, whose calculated schemes successfully trolled the masses. The visibly-upset dad, confused Rogan, adamant mom asking to “shut down the stream” and fake-crying little sis set the scenes for a riveting headlining story.

Two days later, it was officially revealed that the ban was indeed fake in this 12-minute video that gives a behind the scenes look as to how it all came about. Watch the mayhem unfold below.

As effective as this stunt was, there are some who view it as tasteless and a suspicious means of publicity, even if for a FaZe 5 challenge. Nonetheless, it accomplished precisely what it was meant to do. Now that the recruitment challenge has reached the top 20, the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been, and the ultimate goal of joining FaZe is an arm’s reach away for the remaining participants. Now is the time for one final push for FaZe, and this recent submission from Rowdy Rogan is a big W towards potentially fulfilling that goal. If the challenge was to try and go viral… mission accomplished.

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Eric Ezell
5 months ago

At the end you left off the most common concern I have seen. That the parents are using their 6 year old child, and teaching said child to lie and deceive in order to get ahead in life.

FaZe's CEOs response to this was extremely lackluster as well, and completely ignored the potential damage to a young child for becoming a poster-boy for untrustworthy online before he's even 7.

Maybe they did well with the challenge, but winning can't be everything, especially when it comes to a child.

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