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Saying Goodbye To The ‘Real Badman’ Terry Marshall

It is with a heavy heart that we at Stropse pay our respect to the Grand Theft Auto IV ‘Real Badman’ voice actor, Terry Marshall. We were honored to be able to speak with Terry’s brother, Coolie Ranx, about Terry’s life and story, and we are proud to share Coolie’s recollection of his brother with you so that we can all remember Terry with the love and happiness that he so deserves. As Coolie announced on his Twitter and Instagram accounts to share the news, “my brother has departed this physical reality and traded it in for some other dimension.” We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate someone who may have voiced a “Real Badman” but will be remembered as a fundamentally good one.

Real Badman
Courtesy of Comicbookreview

Terry was born on April 11th, 1963, and he passed away on November 1st, 2020 in Mount Sinai Hospital in Astoria, Queens, NY, after a battle with cancer. He was born in London, England to a Jamaican Mother and a Nigerian Father, and with all of that heritage in his blood, he became, through his music and voice acting career, a true New York City treasure. He was born Kennedy Ugbomah, but throughout his life he took on several other names, such as Swan C, Seeborn, Terry Marshall, and, fictionally, Real Badman. Join us as we remember Terry in conversation with his brother, Coolie Ranx. 

Questions With Coolie

Q: What are some of your favorite memories of him?

A: My brother had a smile, a personality larger than his surroundings, [his] love for people and music were enormous. He told these unbelievable stories or tales of the adventures he had. Every day was a new and larger out of this world tale.

Q: What would you like the world to know about him?

A: He is a 90’s Original, first in our neighborhood of East Flatbush 90’s section to bring Hip Hop.

Q: What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of Terry?

A: Bad Man GTAIV. Great execution of his portrayal and performance, fearless in his approach to life.

Q: Who is surviving Terry in family and friends?

A: The 90’s family, The Brooklyn Family, QPSL, The UK Family, The Jamaica Family, The Nigerian Family. 

In continuation of this conversation, Coolie has written a biography of his brother to share with the world everything that Terry did with his work, life, and passion for music and creating art of all forms. In Coolie’s own words, here is 90’s Original:

The Real Badman. Courtesy of GTA wiki

90’s Original

Kennedy Ugbomah Aka Swan Cee, Aka See Born, Aka Terry Marshall & Bad Man

Swan C

Started Breakdancing and Mcing in 1977 in the birth of Hip Hop on a neighborhood sound system called QPSL featuring  

Lenny D, Doc Pill ,Master D, Cut Cut aka Hymie & Al Gee.

For many people QPSL is the start of Hip Hop. From this group Born, many artists honed their skills and craft by watching or affiliating with this group.

Swan C, became a 5 Percenter (God Body) and here is where we see the name change. He formed a rap group by the name See Born and Puma. This is the first time we see the name change as he signed a record deal with Select Records releasing records. Releasing “They Call Me Puma”

Born went through more changes in music but not before leaving his mark on Hip Hop Brooklyn, NY. 90’s Original.

He returned to his Jamaican roots by playing dancehall and reggae music alongside Rob Kenner for the BBC sound system. 

They played music together for a number of years before producing records with notable Reggae Artists like Nadine Sutherland ,Spragga Benz, Sugar Minott, Screechy Dan, Jr Demus under their label Overstanding records.

Robbie’s demand in his Job as Editor at large at Vibe Magazine had him move away from the sound and Born took on a new partner Charlie Brown. In this time, Born had learned a lot of production and studio engineering with Computer Paul, Philip Smart. He began producing music for ESPN.

Born has always been an animated character and story teller captivating his audience with his tales of disbelief.

In the year 2008 he lent his acting skills in the block busting video game Grand theft Auto IV with his electrifying character Badman

This week Rock Star Games the creators of the game tweeted their condolences to the Street Legend and infamous GTA IV character Badman

He started his own Label Top of The Hill Music Group, he produced and mastered reggae’s top acts from Jamaica, United States and the UK.

Born was very much loved everywhere he went.

He is survived by a few children we are still discovering 🙂

90’s Original

Image Credit:

Whether you knew him as Terry, Kennedy, Real Badman, Swan C, or Seeborn, we know that the world is much lesser for the loss of this great man. We can find some solace in knowing that he is in a better place now and in knowing that his larger-than-life story will live on in the hearts and minds of his fans, friends, and family. 

To remember Terry, we would like to share the kind words of his fans and friends on Twitter, as they recognize his passing. 

These tweets, as well as many others that have been posted, show just how much Terry meant to his fans, as a person and as the character that he embodied. We hope that his family can see how much he was loved and how much he will be missed in our hearts and in our community. 

Words cannot truly express the loss we and Terry’s family and friends are experiencing, but we hope this remembrance can provide some solace in this time of sorrow. Please feel free to share your memories of Terry, the ‘Real Badman,’ and any of the many other ways he has been known, in the comments of this article, to help bring us all closer together in this time of loss. If you wish to donate for any remembrance costs, you can do so here.

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