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Season One of Wild Rift Begins On January 8

Riot Games was planning to release more related games, other than League of Legends. This decision was huge considering League of Legends has been their only game for 10 years. Wild Rift was one of the announced games and Riot Games did a great job implementing it to the mobile gaming ecosystem. Now, Season One is here to boost the competitive spirit inside us.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Wild Rift had many leaks prior to its release, and after its release, the game had a huge impact. Players from all around the globe welcomed it with a positive attitude, because the company managed to fit League of Legends into our mobile phones, which should be accepted positively. 

According to Riot Games, Season One of Wild Rift begins on Jan. 8. Riot also announced a new patch, which includes new champions like Lulu, Tristana, Corki, Kennen and Teemo. The Free-to-play champion rotation has also been changed and many features are on the way. You can find more details here on Riot’s patch notes page.

League of Legends has a kind of addiction to it. Even if you get bored or mad, you just can’t stop playing. Wild Rift may have the same case in the future, who knows? Esports teams all around the world started announcing their Wild Rift rosters. Every Riot game creates an opportunity for all gamers who want to become professional. Let’s see what happens in the future.

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