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Smeb Announces His Retirement from Professional Play

If you have been a fan of League of Legends for a long time, this news might make you sad and feel old. Smeb, one of the most talented players that the LoL’s scene has ever seen, shared a statement on his Twitter account and announced his retirement from pro play. No, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Photo courtesy of Korizon

The statement came earlier today, and received so much support from the fans. The tweet got more than 3,000 likes, nearly 1,000 retweets alongside 200 mentions. “Professional gamer Song ‘Smeb’ Kyung-ho has decided to step away from my profession as a professional gamer since 2013 and to respectfully deliver my sincere appreciation to all the people that made my journey grateful,” Smeb said in the TwitLonger.

Starting his career in 2013, the 25-year-old top laner went down in history as a legend. He made a name for himself, not only in Korea but all over the world by being an idol for young players and having inhuman skills.

“During my eight years as a professional gamer, there have been highs and lows, but standing at the moment of making a retirement decision, only the highs remain in memory,” Smeb said. “The eight-year professional career that I started in my teenage years without knowing a lot about this world was indeed full of happiness.”

Smeb was seen among the best players in the world during his career with ROX Tigers and kt Rolster between 2016-18. He claimed two LCK championships and two KeSPA Cups in that time, but was never able to win Worlds since the LoL scene had a player like Faker. In 2015, the Korean top laner managed to get to the 2015 Worlds Finals with the KOO Tigers, however, his kryptonite, Faker, didn’t allow him earn a trophy by defeating them 3-1.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Despite all the highs and lows, the fans never stopped supporting him. “All my friends, colleagues, team staff, the media and all esport people including the Riot Games, I am truly thankful for you all. And last but not the least, all the fans out there that cheered for the professional gamer Smeb, you guys are the best and I am really happy that you all were there for me.”

According to the statement, Smeb is preparing for “Chapter 2” of his life, and will continue to individual streaming.

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