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So… Fall Guys are 6 Feet Tall

Yep, that’s right. These adorable blob creatures that many of you have sent to their cartoonish demise and dress up for fun have been confirmed to be taller than the average human, and the internet can’t handle itself. 

To put that into perspective. here’s a fun chart:

Photo from Fall Guys

And here’s the tweet of Fall Guys commenting on this fun little chart.

And here we thought that these guys were just little adorable Jelly Beans.

This isn’t the case, and now it’s officially confirmed that the mascots of the biggest video game of the summer are three inches taller than the average height for an American male (5’ 9”). In fact, it’s more than the average height for many other countries, just barely edging out the Netherlands (5’ 11.8”)

Just for fun, let’s talk about what else they’re taller than.

With an average height of 4.25 inches, Fall Guys are taller than 16 cans of soup stacked on top of each other.

The leatherback, the largest sea turtle, can grow to heights UP TO six feet, so Fall Guys are taller than the average leatherback.

Me! I’m 5’8” but my license says 5’9” and my friends think I’m much shorter.

So what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Honestly, it’s a fun little additive that the developers thrust upon the world, creating more lore for a fun game that honestly doesn’t need much to begin with. However, if you’ve ever been on the internet, you know nothing is simple. 

The reactions to this announcement ranged everywhere from overly excited to downright distrubed. Rather than just take this as fun news, people had to respond to it. Gaming websites reported on it in droves.


As with everything on the internet, when news gets big it gets memed, and like the reactions these memes also ranged from excited to disturbing.

For example, here’s something that will haunt my nightmares.

Courtesy of Fall Guys

You’re welcome.

So do with this information what you will, and if you have any new Fall Guys memes or just want to stay up to date, visit Fall Guys’ Twitter account @FallGuysGame

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