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So You’ve Beaten Your Favorite Game, What Now?

Finishing your favorite video game can feel a lot like watching the final episode of your favorite television show. You’re faced with a question: should you play it again (in the same way we rewatch our favorite shows,) or is it time to find a new game to play? Read along to see a debate between these options, so you can decide which one is best for you.

Favorite Game
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There’s a lot to be said for replaying your favorite games many times. In the same way that I rewatch Friends over and over again and somehow love it even more with each rewatch, there is something very comforting about replaying your favorite game and learning even more about it. One of my favorite games is World of Warcraft, and when I want to replay WoW, I start out by making my standard night elf rogue and then go through the quests and adventures in slightly different ways than I did before to experience even more of the game. I love replaying with the knowledge I have gained from previous playthroughs and uncovering even more secrets as I become more acquainted with the game.

This joy of replaying games can show up in any replay situation, but it is particularly delightful when you are replaying your favorite game, or a game with intense nostalgic memories for you. In the words of Reddit user u/rawisraffy, “What they say about coming back to novels and movies you read as a child also applies to video games. It’s a total rediscovery of the game.” I have played many wonderful games over the years, and I have played many of them several times, but there is certainly something extra special about replaying a game that holds a special place in your heart.

Image Courtesy of B-Botos on Youtube

On the other hand, sometimes, after you finish your favorite game, you’re left wanting more of the same style of game, but with new characters, quests, and places to explore. Much in the same way that I watched the entirety of The Office and then decided to begin watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine to experience similar humor and an Office-like setting in a new show, there is something wonderful about finding a new game to play that reminds you of your favorite game without being exactly the same so that you can find even more to enjoy. 

This option of finding a new game to play can also be a great help with the post-game depression that often arises when you finish playing and you aren’t sure what to do next. To follow the advice of Quora user Brian Greenhow, it can be really helpful to “jump into a new game” and find new experiences in gaming so that you don’t get hung up on the sadness of finishing your favorite game.

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Whether you choose to replay your favorite game over and over again or you prefer to continually find new games to explore brand new adventures, the important part is that you are playing games that you enjoy. Reach out in the comments to let us know what games you love, and what you’re planning on playing next, and, until the next article, enjoy your gaming adventures!

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