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Stropse Recap – FNCS C2S4 Day 1 EU/NAE Finals

After narrowing down the field from 132 trios to 32 trios on Thursday and Friday, Saturday brought the start of the EU FNCS Grand Finals. Check out the day two recap for lists of which teams made it out of the four heats. 


Day one was overall dominated by FaZe Mongrааl, Liquid mitr0 and e11 tayson, who now sit in first place by 30 points after five games with two victory royales, a 3.6 average placing and 8.4 eliminations per game. But before we look at the standings, let’s take a look at how the day started.

Wild Card Match

Saturday began with a single wild card match that allowed one team that placed between 9th-16th in its heat to advance to the final lobby. The winner was not decided by placing and eliminations as the rest of the tournament was; the one trio moving on was whichever team won the game. 

This change of focus drastically altered the pace of play and strategy. With every team playing for the end game, there were 46 players left at the first moving circle, but it all came down to a 3v3 between sb nate, SMASH Dave and bobo.exalty, and OT Exponential, EP mexefindSMZ and Wake AstroSMZ.

With the high ground and nine eliminations, sb nate, SMASH Dave and bobo.exalty took the victory royale and the only spot left in the grand finals after a 13th-place finish in Heat 2 Thursday and Friday. Rams Keziix, Grizi 4zr and Grizi Nayte led the lobby with 10 kills but finished in third place.

Top eight:

Courtesy of

With the 99-player lobby solidified, the trios jumped into the same format as the heats from the first two days: two days of six games each where teams get points based on eliminations and placing. 

Game 0?

There was a problem straight out of the gate as the first game had to be canceled. Although Fortnite didn’t say why, it appears that there was an incorrect team that got into the lobby while a qualified team was left out. 

SF Rakso, Gamma Kami and artör ended up winning the game that was nullified with eight kills, but unfortunately for them, they had to reset and start over. 

However, it did get a positive reaction from Mongraal, whose team finished in 17th, and probably a number of other pros that didn’t have a great start.

Game 1

The official first game ended on the mountain just north of Retail Row, creating a difficult terrain for those teams on the ground. It was k1nzеll, Wolfiezrr and сrr that took a six-elimination victory royale over the 12-kill, second-place effort from Flikk, BL Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD.

As the only team with more than seven elims in that first game, Anas and his trio led the way by one point, continuing their dominance from the first two days when they finished first in Heat 1 with 220 total points.

Game 2 

The Game 1 restart lit a fire under FaZe Mongrааl, Liquid mitr0 and e11 tayson. They finished in seventh in Game 1, but came out firing in Game 2 with a 10-elimination win. Mongraal made the play of the game, pouncing on Falconly to secure high ground with just over 40 people left. 

The top six teams in this game combined for 44 kills so it was a top-heavy lineup at the end, but the win boosted Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson into first place after two games with 49 points. Here were the standings after Game 2:

Courtesy of

Game 3 

Most of these games were pretty slow, but Game 3 was probably the slowest. After two zones, there were still 90 players left and in the following three minutes, 11 teams went down with help from the Storm Surge. 

Feeding off momentum, even without Mongraal who died minutes earlier, Mitr0 and Tayson made a huge play to stay alive finishing in third place. Mitr0 was the hero of this game with this sequence just before the end of the game to clinch 11 kills.

However, the victory royale was stolen by MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ and MCES duckontop with a huge 15-elimination victory royale that put them in first place by six points over Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayon after the third game.

Game 4 

The second-to-last game of the day featured the trio of NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage and Atlantis LxTsHe, which found its way all the way to top two before being taken out. The three had high ground for most of the final circles, but couldn’t convert their position to kills as they dropped down. 

First place went to COOLER zq, R0babzr and b1acky.BDS, jumping into seventh place overall with the nine-elimination victory royale. LxTsHe was the last alive but was deep in the storm and had no chance of clutching a 1v2 in this one.

Game 5

Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson continued their strategy of collecting a car for each of them to get to the center of the circle easily. They set up in the middle of circle two at Sweaty Sands and that exactly where the next couple circles landed.

The strat worked to perfection as the early setup allowed Mongraal and Co. to get high ground in the final circle, winning their second game of the day on the back of nine eliminations. Vetle 7IDrop, 7Playwell and Styrsix finished in second with nine elims and Fury FlowiS, Endrеtta and TT9 Louis finished in third with 10.

After five full games Saturday, Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson sit on top of the leaderboard with a 30-point lead.

Courtesy of

The end games on Saturday were some of the most insane of the weekend and it’s all but guaranteed the final day will bring the same. Day two of the EU FNCS Grand Finals starts on Sunday at 1 P.M. with the final seven matches to find out who cashes in the $111,000 first-place prize.

FNCS Grand Finals NAE Recap

NAE Wildcard:

With eliminations no longer counting towards the victory, the trios were forced to gauge their opponents cautiously, as the VR was the only thing that would guarantee a spot in the Grand Finals. Top trios such as QA Whofishy, C9 Chap, and Coop found themselves eliminated during the fourth circle only minutes after reviving QA Whofishy from a prior sniper shot. This is the first time that QA Whofishy and Chap have failed to qualify for the Grand Finals and their presence off the field was obviously felt. TNA Narwhal’s trio managed to wipe out Walkmans while rotating low-ground before gaining altitude, and Narwhal almost single-handedly clutching another trio after losing Vanish Bank and losing in the last circle with five rounds to his name. 

Plege was able to secure the VR while fighting off immense pressure from SRN Zykoma who had the high-ground. The two were the only ones left in their trio during the final moments of the match. 

Game 1:

Liquid STREMON’s trio found themselves dominating the ultimate high-ground in the last two circles of the match. This height allowed them to dish out some immense pressure from above before Xoonies trio jumped up to take over the high-ground. The last two trios left were Xoonies and TSM Commandement, the latter losing their chance of a VR with the death of Liquid Cented, allowing Xoonies trio to nab the first VR of the NAE Grand Finals. 

This win would allow the trio to place themselves on the top of the leaderboard for the first game of the NAE Grand Finals with 12 eliminations in their name to start things off. 

Game 2:

TNA Mero managed to take out one of the rank 2 members mid-game. The TNA clan found themselves boxed in mid-rotation before Mero popped Liquid Cented and forced him to drop his Mythic tier loot. Cented’s Mythic stack allowed him to eliminate three opposing players. XSET had a better game than their first, with Shark and Knight claiming three kills each before heading into the seventh circle. It was clear XSET was determined to gain control of the high-ground, with Shark leading the push on the ultimate high-ground. The trio was able to claim four more eliminations during this time period, before managing to kill VSB PGOD’s trio for the VR. 

The trios VR would place them at Rank one with 19 eliminations and 54 points, and only two points separating the XSET Clan from Xoonies trio. XSET’s playstyle in the first two games of the Grand Finals seems to be almost a stark-contrast to their Finals Qualifiers. Usually a low-ground powerhouse, they’ve more-often taken to the high ground in order to use that pressure in their favor.

Game 3:

With only one elimination happening in the first few minutes, the first 3v3 of the game went down at Slurpy Swamp as XSET AV ghosted behind Outcast’s trio while the rest of the XSET clan set up for the ambush. Outcast’s trio was one of the very first squads eliminated, not even advancing past the second circle. A three-point lead by eliminations was XSET’s reward for proper setup and communication. 

By the seventh circle, the trio boasted 10 eliminations, and once again found themselves up against Xoonie’s trio after Knight downed and eliminated C9 Avery and Bugha in the last circle. AV was done in the final circle, with Knight dying shortly thereafter, leaving only SEN Aspect and Shark to battle for the VR. Aspect tried to reposition himself with a shock-wave grenade that only served to knock him into the storm, costing his trio the game. 

Game 4:

LG Slackes’ trio was able to win their first VR of the Grand Finals. Bugha’s trio stood out more in this game than their previous ones. The trio was able to take out big named players like NRG Edgy, TSM Commandment, and XSET Knight. They weren’t able to compete up with the momentum after LG and Bugha both fell, leaving C9 Avery to deal with a 1v3 in the final circle. 

XSET finished Game 4 as kings of the hill and lead the Rank 2 team by 19 points. XSET has found themselves in the final circle consistently and it was clear they returned back to their low-ground roots in the last two games. 

Game 5:

To start off the match. Plege, whose team qualified after their VR in the WildCard match, had to disconnect mid-finals from his PC after his parents made him attend a halloween party. 

TSM Commandment’s trio faced similar problems to XSET during their first few games in the qualifiers by having their structures and rotations being interrupted by long-range crash pads. These inconviences severely prohibited the trio from making a full rotation, and they were unfortunately squad-wiped in the fourth circle. 

Game 6 was the first game where XSET didn’t make it to the last few circles, and their chances of keeping the lead shrunk as the last remaining teams only got more and more eliminations. BBG Kremon’s trio were able to win their first VR of the Grand Finals due to another high-to-low ground exchange. 

XSET was able to stay in first place, but fell to leading the board by only nine points, with seven more eliminations than the TNA trio that stood at Rank 2.

Game 6:

The TNA trio lagged behind the second place team by only three points during the fourth circle. XSET’s early squad-wipe took them out of the match pretty early game, making that coveted Rank 1 position more of a reality for the two trailing trios.  They were one of the only three trios left in the remaining circles prior to TSM Zekrow’s clan taking the final VR of the first day of Grand Finals. 

XSET lost their first place position to the TNA trio, and lag behind by 19 points and 5 eliminations. XSET seemed to lose their momentum in the later games, but they are still in arms reach of being back at top, where just one more good game could put them back on track.

Courtesy of DeyyFN on Twitter

Us at Stropse will keep you posted on all the action as FNCS continues.

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