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Stropse Recap – FNCS C2S4 Day 2 EU/NAE Finals

The FNCS Grand Finals for EU wrapped up Sunday afternoon with FaZe Mongrааl, Liquid mitr0 and e11 tayson taking the grand prize of $111,000 despite struggling in the final five games.


Their last five games saw finishes at 32nd, 21st, 31st, 25th and 22nd after finishing fourth in the first game of the day and first in Game 7 of the Grand Finals. They finished the day Saturday with a substantial lead.

Game 6

The first match of the day was pretty spread out in terms of eliminations, causing the overall standings to stay fairly stagnant. RaksoFN2, Gamma Kami and artör took first place with nine eliminations after taking out k1nzеll, Wolfiezrr and сrr, who had 10 eliminations.

Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson kept high ground late, but got caught in the open rotating to the moving circle. Even with only three kills, the trio clinched fourth place and increased its first-place lead. 

Game 7

Mongrааl, Mitr0 and Tayson found themselves in a similar position in Game 7 with the high ground over the water northwest of Doom’s Domain. The other teams didn’t stand much of a chance with their position despite being low on materials and ammo. 

The trio’s 13 elimination victory royale increased their lead even further, up by 64 over k1nzеll, Wolfiezrr and сrr in second place.

Game 8

All Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson had to do was put together a couple more solid games and it would be quickly put out of reach for everyone in the rear-view mirror, but the trio ran into some trouble. 

Game 8 could not have gone any worse for them; their 32nd-place finish was by far their worst finish of the entire weekend at that point. Flikk, BL Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD surprisingly contested the team off spawn and were able to take them out.

Even more surprisingly, Flikk, BL Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD finished first with 15 eliminations, eight more than any other team, to collect 40 points and move into sixth place overall.

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Game 9

Again Monraal, Mitr0 and Tayson had trouble getting later into the game, finishing in 21st place, but picked up six eliminations to salvage some points first. Luckily for them, the lead they built was hard to make a dent in, and neither of the two teams close behind could put together great games. 

BL Hen, GO Decyptos and NaVi Putrick put together a huge 15-elimination victory to jump into the top eight, and Flikk, BL Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD hit back-to-back big point totals with a 13-elimination third-place finish.

Hen found himself last alive in his trio with six players remaining and Downs Munch, PabloWingu and QBfnbr on high ground. However, when the trio on top dropped down, Hen was hiding in the storm behind them and easily took high ground to take out the final players with a little help from Gamma Th0masHD, who was down low.

Game 10

With the big lead, Mongraal’s team carried a big target on their head, so teams started to land on them, even ones with no shot of finishing in first. ATX BlastR, Vitаlity Nikof and TrainH Alphaa took out the leaders early as Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson had their third consecutive finish outside the top 20. Mongraal took to Twitter about being griefed in the grand finals and also ended his Twitch stream. 

RaksoFN2, Gamma Kami and artör picked up their second first-place finish of the day with nine eliminations to move into third place overall. Even more important to the grand prize, MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ and MCES duckontop finished fifth with eight elims to bridge the gap to just 19 points behind Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson. 

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Game 11

Music continued to intensify in the second-to-last game as Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayon got knocked out early, this time in 25th with two eliminations. Then, the top three got a lot tighter as MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ and MCES duckontop got knocked out at 27th. 

The third place team, RaksoFN2, Gamma Kami and artör finished in eighth with two elims to collect 12 points. The big game came out of NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage, Atlantis LxTsHe who finished in second with 17 elims to move into seventh place overall. Seanvpx, Sqwinnt and TT9 Remix took first with 10 elims. 

Mongraal’s squad had a 20-point lead over MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ and MCES duckontop, who had a 21-point lead over RaksoFN2, Gamma Kami and artör heading into the final game.

Game 12

In a final circle over Coral Castle, Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson was taken out in 22nd place with no eliminations. That meant that MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ and MCES duckontop needed just 21 points to take first place overall. 

It was a nail-biter but they finished in 14th with just two elims, crowning Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson the winners of the EU FNCS Grand Finals. JannisZ fell minutes earlier, but with two of them up, a bad shockwave attempt dramatically separated and1zr and duckontop right before they both fell.

Glorious snap, Miro and swаg took the victory royale with 12 eliminations.

Final Standings

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Despite stumbling through the last four games, the day-one lead was enough to make Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson ($111,000) the champions. Flikk, BL Anas and Gamma Th0masHD ($75,000) made a huge jump into third with a seventh-place, eight-elimination performance in Game 12. And NRG benjyfishy, 100T MrSavage and Atlantis LxTsHe ($22,500) turned it on after a slow Heat 1 showing to take eighth place.

Prize Pool

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FNCS NAE Finals Day 2 Recap

Game 7:

LG Jamper, Bugha, and C9 Avery were one of the very first squads to get wiped starting off in Day 2. This dropped the trio down from 6th to 8th, with a 1v2 taking out C9 Avery and Bugha after losing LG Jamper just moments prior. This game would go on to see many high-ranking trios lose their places from early-squad wipes. The main reason? Low-quality stacks that didn’t help push back the offense from opposing players, making the hundreds of resources only a tool to help separate and retreat.

Game 8:

Going into Game 2 it was very clear that LG Jamper, C9 Avery, and Bugha were irked that they were the very first game of Day 2. They managed to wipe out two trios with Bugha claiming four of those kills to himself. The trio made it to the end-game, where they started to dominate the high-ground before being flung off by TSM Commandments crew and ultimately losing the VR to them. This was their first official win for their time in the Finals and set them in Rank 2. 

XSET Knight was the only one left from his trio in the end-game, and it seemed that despite their two games won, the trio wasn’t able to keep their momentum going from yesterday. This was a team that usually dominates when it comes to low-ground plays, and they mixed it up by claiming the high-ground often enough to catch many of their opponents off guard. 

Game 9:

All three of the top teams engaged in a firefight with each other at Weeping Willows in just the fifth circle of the game. TNA managed to save their first-place ranking by taking out the XSET trio. Tahi’s trio was able to secure four eliminations apiece coming into the final circle and seemed to walk right through some of the bigger names that ranked higher than them. 

Seven squads made it to the final circle. TSM Saffy’s trio held onto the high-ground for the majority of the last circle, but their lack of eliminations gave some doubt that they would be able to clutch the last game. Still, they prevailed against Xccept’s crew in the final seconds of the match to win their first VR of the finals. 

TNA Mero, TNA Deyy, and Reverse2k kept their number one standing with 61 eliminations and 182 points, only leading TSM Commandments crew by 48 points. 

Game 10:

C9 Avery, LG Jamper, and Bugha managed to take out two of the top three teams in the last third of the game. The TNA and XSET clan both found themselves wiped out during their push mid-rotation. With FaZe Dubs and Faze Megga commanding the high-ground, it was their pressure that helped take out C9 Avery, leaving the FaZe clan to deal with the Ghost clan for the VR. The FaZe clan had six eliminations between them before Liquid Riversan escaped a down in the last few seconds, which gave his teammates enough time to help secure the VR for their first win during the Finals. 

Bugha’s trio was able to jump from 8th to 3rd in Game 4. 

Game 11:

TNA Merro, TNA Deyy, and Reverse2k were one of the first four squads to be eliminated during the early phases of Game 5. Even though they were fairly distant from Rank 2 due to the number of eliminations, this loss must have unnerved the team, as there was plenty enough time in the match for the trio to lose their spot. XSET saw themselves leaving Day 1 of Finals at Rank 1 to only Rank 8 in Game 5 starting off. 

The TNA crew finished off Game 5 still topping the leaderboard, but only keeping the competition at bay by 12 points. 

BBG YUNGCALC was able to nab his trio their first VR of the Finals after a 1v1 with TSM Commandment after taking the high-ground.

Game 12:

TNA won the final after a solid clutch coming out of the last circle. Their lead was contested throughout the entire game by the trailing two trios, with TSM Commandments’ trio being their closest threat. Only one VR and a few extra eliminations would have seen TSM overtake the TNA clan. They managed to win the game with 208 points overall, allowing them to take home $66,000.

The last game would see every trio firing off on all cylinders to rank as high as they possibly could, and with just 24 points separating TSM and TNA, some teams out there came a lot closer than TNA would have wanted. 

Final Results:

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