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Stropse Today 9/25: Welcome To Worlds

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Welcome to Worlds! Day 1 did not disappoint. From major upsets to rookies showing up, here’s what happened on Day One.



After weeks and weeks of idle waiting, League of Legends fans were finally rewarded for their patience. Three marksmen were picked in a row to kick off Worlds 2020 (Lucian, Ashe, Tristana) with a fourth, Jhin, being picked later on. The game had a slow start, but after six minutes of scaling, Zhiqiang “Shad0w” Zhao, while on a gank to the top lane, overextended while aggressively playing Evelyn, nearly dying. But it was INTZ’s top laner, Rodrigo “Tay” Panisa, who misclicked, accidentally teleporting to a nearby ward and allowing the MAD Lions jungler to get away. Tay would later make up for it by showing off his resilience, picking up nine of his team’s fourteen kills throughout the game.

It was a sloppy game on both sides. Shad0w continually overextended while INTZ mid laner Bruno “Envy” Farias’ Tristana pick wasn’t able to accomplish much. The superior macro play coming from MAD Lions was too much for their Brazilian opponents to handle, and despite leading the MAD Lions in kills for much of the game, INTZ couldn’t put a stop to the constant map pressure that the MAD Lions exerted. Support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, a shining star for Europe in the bot lane, had a pop-off game while on the Pantheon, making plays without hesitation.

PSG vs Rainbow 7

An exciting first game from Intz and the Mad Lions was quickly followed up by one of the most one-sided games that we might end up seeing during the entire play-in stage. Let’s start off with how the draft went as PSG was on Blue Side and Rainbow 7 was on Red Side. PSG ended up first picking Sett— one of the strongest picks on Blue Side— mainly because of its flex potential into multiple lanes such as Top, Jungle, Support and even Mid. This great pick from PSG was immediately followed by Ashe and Zoe from Rainbow 7, and unfortunately, they lost the draft at that point. They showed their hand with ADC and Mid lane before any more bans could come through and this ultimately led to PSG immediately picking the Ekko for Kongyue in the jungle. He went crazy the entire game, picking up 13 kills and a 21.0 KDA on his way to a win over Rainbow 7.

It was a clean game from PSG who, somehow, is looking like a stronger squad despite losing 60% of their original roster to visa issues. Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso, Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu, and Chen “Dee” Chun-Dee are all from different teams, with Kongyue and Uniboy being from Ahq and Dee being from Machi, both of which are also in the PCS. Overall, you love to see an entire region working together towards a common goal which can ultimately bring more resources to their region. Remember, this is the first official year of the PCS even being a thing, so the fact that they are in Worlds competing and looking this good is a great sign for their future. Today, PSG Talon impressed.

Legacy Esports vs INTZ

Making their international debut, Legacy Esports did not disappoint after a victory against INTZ. From the pick and ban stage, both teams proved they were ready to tango, with Ygor “RedBert” Freitas getting his hands on the Bard. However, it was the early aggression of Leo “Babip” Romer and Legacy that put the victory in their hands. While early exchanges of drakes went in favor of the Brazilian team putting a timer on Oceania, the early tempo and turret advantage was in favor of Legacy.

The midgame was flipped upside down when INTZ began a slow climb back into the game, taking a positive fight at the baron as well as claiming mountain soul. INTZ seemed ready to take the game and change their losing streak from early day. However, after a fight went awry at Legacy’s base, Legacy claimed the elder dragon and won a fight off James “Tally” Shute’s Sett in the bottom river. 

LGD Gaming vs PSG Talons

As previously mentioned, PSG’s visa problems plagued the team going into the first day. That, and they were staring down the barrel of the LPL. Lead by Worlds finalist Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, LGD was predicted by all analysts to be the favorites of the entire play-ins. And then 2015 called as PSG pulled the upset of the day against LGD.

The entire game was extremely bloody from PSG. Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing gave a masterclass on Rakan, catching out Peanut on the Lillia and Ling “Mark” Xu constantly throughout the game. They even had an Ocean Soul pre-thirty minutes and ten kills more than their Chinese opponent. The game was not all doom as Ha “Kramer” Jon-hun had a standout performance on Ashe. However, with the large lead that PSG developed, pulling off the win would be nearly impossible. Perhaps the game’s largest moment was the baron fight, in which AD Carry Dee pulled off a miracle survival run that turned the game in favor of PSG. 

Team Liquid vs MAD Lions

Finally, we have our marquis matchup of the week: Team Liquid vs Mad Lions. Click here to see our extended coverage of the game.

Here are the current standings after Day 1:

With teams like V3, the Unicorns of Love and Supermassive to play, Worlds is about to get even more exciting. We’ll see you tomorrow with more Worlds coverage!

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