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Stropse Today 9/26: The Upsets Continue

The action in the League of Legends 2020 World Championship continued on Saturday, and although the games may not have been as technically sound as the day prior, they were definitely still just as exciting to watch. 


Rainbow7 vs. V3 Esports 

V3 gave us our first taste of what we can expect from the Champions of the LJL and boy, did it taste good. Lee “Bugi” Seong-yeop pulled out a very questionable Elise pick early on in the draft but he made it look clean as can be, traveling top side at around 8 minutes and successfully killing Rainbow 7’s top laner Acce twice in succession. Now this play did result in Aloned (Mid Lane) getting a double kill on his Tristana, but overall, that had little impact on the game as Tristana really didn’t do much.

The story of this game sadly was Rainbow 7 trying to engage and fight back from their deficit, resulting in a continually-widening lead for V3. Lee “Archer” Keun-hee had a brilliant game on the Ashe pick and Kotoji “Ace” Mugita was landing so many sleepy trouble bubbles it was exhausting. Overall, V3 was promising, but on the other side, we can’t help but think that Rainbow 7 is a bit out-classed here.

INTZ vs. Papara SuperMassive

There are few people who dare talk trash about Brazil and Turkey’s home squads, who each field a superfluity of dedicated fans. INTZ, representing Brazil, and Turkey’s SuperMassive collided in a clash of regional titans on Saturday. SuperMassive revealed their plan early in the draft, selecting Hecarim as their team’s main carry with Senna, Lulu and Shen backing him up. However, INTZ responded with the questionable choice of taking Renekton, Nidalee and Sylas, none of whom can protect their carry Jhin from the one-man cavalry that is Hecarim. 

SuperMassive jungler Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon had a field day on The Shadow of War, stampeding all over INTZ without a trace of a response. It seemed as though the proverbial nail in the coffin came early in the game, when INTZ failed a 5v1 tower dive, losing two of their own players in the process. SuperMassive ended up winning their first game of Worlds, while INTZ continued their losing streak.

V3 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love

The final two teams to not have played this stage, the Japanese representatives in V3 Esports and the EU “fifth” seed in the Unicorns of Love play their first game in the play-in stage. The game was already made interesting when UOL Bot Laner Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk locked in Orianna in the bot lane and Lev “Nomanz” Yakshin locked in Kassadin. The rest of the game was set up for a clash between titans.

After a Level One gifted a kill to Vladislav “BOSS” Fomin on the Camille, the Unicorns started their snowball and outclassed V3 at every turn. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the game came from Nomanz on the Kassadin riftwalking his way to a kill and chasing off the enemy team. For the Unicorns’ return to the international stage, they sure made it stylish.

LGD Gaming vs Rainbow7

After losing in upset fashion to PSG Talon yesterday, LGD came into Day 2 of Play-Ins determined to silence the naysayers. Facing off against Mexico’s Rainbow7, LGD mid laner Su “xiye” Han-Wei and jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho combined for an effective early game while playing the powerful early game combo of Twisted Fate and Lee Sin. The duo was proactive across the mid and top sides of the map, while bot laners Ling “Mark” Xu and Ha “Kramer”  Jong-hun scaled up on Twitch and Rakan, a duo that has dominated the bot side meta. 

Pretty much every lane for LGD had an advantage going into the mid game, but things started to turn for the worse. Peanut’s Lee Sin, who was building damage as opposed to tanking, fell off hard. The team’s full AD comp was virtually tankless because of Peanut’s decision to go the damage route as well as Xie “Langx” Zhen-Yin’s decision to play Camille in the top lane. With Rainbow7 building armor all around, LGD wasn’t able to output enough damage. Even when Rainbow7 jungler Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas nearly threw the entire game away by flashing into LGD and dying right before their Ocean Soul, LGD still couldn’t win the 4v5 fight, and Rainbow7 was able to come out victorious, handing LGD their second straight loss at Worlds. 

Papara SuperMassive vs. MAD Lions

SuperMassive went SuperMassive in Day 1 and they finished off their first day in play-ins by defeating the Mad Lions relatively handily. It makes us wonder: could we be seeing the darkhorse in Group A? After this win, SuperMassive is tied for first, with TL both sitting at 2-0 records. Let’s go to the draft though and see exactly how it was done:

SuperMassive first picked Nidalee, which seems like a part of a larger Worlds trend of heavy AP in the jungle. The Mad Lions responded with Twitch and Rakan, which makes sense because of the engage potential. It seemed like the Mad Lions were saying, “we want to scale,” but scale they couldn’t, because SuperMassive immediately locked in the Senna and Azir picks, easily outscaling almost all other champions. So what does Mad Lions respond with? Freaking Zoe! A terrible pick because it really had no agency and didn’t scale well into Azir. At this point, the Mad Lions all-but said, “We are going to do a pick composition.” They also had Hecarim at this point so, honestly, the coach for Mad Lions just got owned here. Final pick for both sides was Mordekaiser for Mad Lions and Wukong and Leona for SuperMassive. The game was won in the draft by SuperMassive and they eventually went on to stomp the Mad Lions 18-5. 

Team Liquid vs. Legacy Esports 

Not many came into this one expecting Legacy to take home the win. Team Liquid previously looked impressive against the European MAD Lions, and the Australian Legacy Esports was a cake walk compared to them. However, Legacy came in with an impressive draft, featuring a wombo-combo of  Jarvan IV, Lucian, Ziggs and Thresh. If Legacy were able to put the pieces together, maybe fans would have been in for a close game, but that never happened. 

In fact, it was never even close to happening. Team Liquid took complete control right from the get go, starting when Legacy jungler Leo “Babip” Romer wasted a whole bunch of time on two unsuccessful, highly questionable ganks in the top lane. Every lane had CS advantages, and Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pederson was having a blast on Graves, picking up kills left and right. Broxah combined with mid laner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen to form a massive mid-jungle duo, and those two shut the pages on the game quickly. With the win, Team Liquid improved to 2-0 in Group A while Legacy fell to 1-1.

Unicorns of Love vs. PSG Talon

To see what went down in today’s Day 2 marquis matchup, click here. 

Here are the standings as they are after Day 2 of the Play-Ins:

Image via LoLEsports

Stropse Today will be back with more League of Legends Worlds coverage tomorrow!

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