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Stropse Today 9/27: Go Big or Go Home

We are rolling into Day 3 of the Play-In Stage and Group B will be advancing one team to the main event while simultaneously sending one team home. Will PSG Talon build on their impressive start and book their ticket to the Main Event? Will LGD fall flat on their face and go home early? Find out below.

V3 vs LGD

In a do-or-die situation, LGD faced off against V3 to earn their first win. One more win qualifies the team for worlds, and one more loss and they are eliminated. Fortunately for LGD, they turned it around right where it mattered. While it wasn’t the cleanest game, it was a game that left LGD on top.

The game took an early lead with Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying placing a lot of early pressure on the Ornn with aid from Su “xiye” Han-We on Syndra. Things did go south after V3 pulled off an impressive dragon fight, knocking Han “Peanut” Wang-ho out of the dragon pit. It was then that the midgame crux of LGD was found and they took a few poor skirmishes at the Baron pit towards the midgame.

Ultimately, thanks to clutch engages from the Ornn and Syndra, LGD were finally able to get their first win and keep their knockout stage hopes alive.

Rainbow7 vs Unicorns of Love

Next up, the Unicorns of Love are attempting to lock in the first seed out of Group B, automatically qualifying themselves for the group stage. Rainbow7 however, are also looking to qualify, keeping in mind that a win here would lock themselves into third place.

The game started with a super aggressive playstyle from Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas on the Evelynn hunting down the Unicorns of Love botlane. By the time the 20 minute mark hit, R7 already had ten kills, four turrets and a dragon to the one kill and one dragon of UOL. The game just snowballed out of control from there with sololanes dying to Josedeodo in one fell swoop.

Perhaps the most impressive play came from Facundo “Shadow” Cuello and an impressive Alistar headbutt pulverize combo that both knocked up three members of UOL and acquired Baron afterward. Rainbow7 would eventually trample through the base and force potential tiebreakers later on in the day.

PSG Talon vs V3

In their fourth game of the League of Legends 2020 World Championship, PSG Talon finally was able to bring back their starting bot laner Wong “Unified” Chun Kit. Facing off against the Japanese V3 Esports, Unified and his PSG teammates were looking to clinch a top-2 spot in their group.

Although Unified was finally back in the bot lane, most of the action would go down in the mid lane. PSG came out of the gates swinging, near-bullying V3’s mid laner Kotoji “Ace” Mugita. On a gank to the mid lane around the eight minute mark, jungler Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso killed the Japanese mid, and Ace would soon die again, this time to a solo kill by Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu on Syndra.

 A few minutes later, V3 would attempt a 3-man gank top, trying to kill Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang on his Ornn. V3 ended up getting the kill, but their jungler Lee “Bugi” Seong-yeop died in the process. Meanwhile, Uniboy knocked down a free mid tower for PSG, and Kongyue would get the rift herald. V3’s early woes would carry through the duration of the game, and PSG wound up with an impressive win in a sub-30 minute game. 

Unicorns of Love vs LGD

To see what went down in today’s Day 3 marquis matchup, click here (link coming soon.)

PSG Talon vs. Unicorns of Love 

In the first tiebreaker of Worlds 2020, the PCS’ PSG Talon and the Unicorns of Love of the League of Legends Continental League competed for the top seed in Group B as well as an automatic trip to the Main Event’s Group Stage. 

Coming into this highly anticipated matchup, both squads looked to be among the top-3 teams in all of Play-Ins in terms of performance. Unicorns of Love were coming off a win against China’s LGD Gaming, who earlier were handed their first loss of Worlds 2020 by PSG during Day 1’s contest. The Unicorns of Love had previously beaten PSG Talon during Day 2, but since head-to-head is a meaningless statistic this tournament, the two teams were forced to play a rematch to see who would earn the top spot in Group B. 

It was a slow early game, but the Unicorns of Love were able to have some priority over it. When the game transitioned to the mid-game, however, the team lost whatever control they had. With the help of ahq eSports’ loaned out players Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso and Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu, PSG turned the tides and ended up beating the LCL’s top seed. The mid-jungle duo was easily one of the most impressive one-two punches of the Play-Ins, but with PSG’s starting mid-jungle duo coming back for Groups, Kongyue and Uniboy are forced to pack their bags and go home. 

It’s somewhat of a sad story for Kongyue and Uniboy, who carried PSG to the Group Stage and are now forced to go home and watch from the sidelines. Perhaps there is some irony in the fact that PSG Talon in Play-Ins may be a better team overall than PSG Talon in Groups. 

LGD vs V3

If you had said a week ago that the Chinese 4th seed would be in a potential elimination match, we’d have called you crazy, but this became the case as LGD went up against V5 for the final playoff spot and a Best of 5 vs Rainbow7. Whoever lost this game was to be eliminated from Group S and LGD showed up for it, returning to the textbook LGD we have been used to.

The action started early thanks to Langx’s Jax split pushing on the top side of the map against Paz on the Camille. Yet it was Peanut’s Graves causing chaos over the map in forcing objectives, kills and towers. The botlane was also making waves as Kramer returned to his signature Jhin sniping down V3’s bot lane.

There was a breath of relief for V3 at the dragon pit forced away LGD during an attempt at another drake, but Langx again on the Jax caused havoc and created openings for his team to secure the dragon.

From there, the game snowballed in LGD’s favor and allowed them to take the victory over V3. Now, they will meet Rainbow7 next week.

With Group A finishing out tomorrow, it means the Play-Ins are unfortunately coming to a close soon. But that is just the best-of-one stage, and we will soon move into the playoff section of the Play-Ins which will be a best-of-five series to see what two teams will also move on to the Main Event of Worlds 2020. Stay posted for whatever Worlds will bring next.

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