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Tarzan Joins LPL Team LNG Esports

LPL is getting stronger and stronger every year. With its resident player pool, LPL teams looked scary at international tournaments and Korean superstars are also being added to rosters day by day. LNG Esports announced Tarzan is signing with the team for the upcoming season. The Korean jungler took a break for the 2020 Summer Split and now he is back on the Rift.

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Tarzan began his professional gaming career under the roof of Griffin. In 2017, he joined the first roster of Griffin with Sword. Tarzan played for Griffin for three years until the 2020 spring season. After Griffin’s demotion, Tarzan parted ways with the team and took a break for a split. Getting that break turns out positive for most players, motivating them and giving them a mental boost.

Tarzan’s move to China was not a mystery. Rumors have been around since last year and today it is official. LNG Esports announced the full roster for the upcoming season except the support player. It looks like the team is built around Tarzan as LNG Esports is probably going to pay him a lot of money. In 2021, we will see if he can smurf LPL like he did in LCK.

LNG Esports 2021 Roster



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