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Team Aydan Wins Toronto Ultra $100,000 Holiday Feast

It is preseason and Call of Duty League teams are distributing big prizes for Warzone tournaments. The New York Subliners organized a $100,000 tournament a couple of days ago and Team DougIsRaw claimed the big prize. Now, Toronto Ultra’s preseason Warzone tournament determined its champion. Aydan, HuskKerrs and ZLaner won the big prize in a convincing way under the name of Team Aydan.

Photo courtesy of Toronto Ultra

The tournament’s format was not unusual; 32 trios dropped into public Warzone lobbies and earned points according to their placements and eliminations per lobby. According to the format, two rounds lasted four hours and two and a half hours, respectively. Top-12 teams from the first round moved on to the second one. Each team’s top-five highest-scored games for the first round and three highest-scored games for the second round determined the standings. 

Team Rosters

Photo courtesy of Toronto Ultra

Kayzahr, Rated, Jukeyz, Swagg, Tommey, BobbyPoff, Gagod, TeePee, Soki, Methodz, Aydan and Symfuhny managed to form the first 12 teams of the first round and competed for the big prize. At the end, Aydan and his friends claimed first place with 356 points, 32 points ahead of their closest opponent, Team BobbyPoff, and won the grand prize of $35,000.

Final Standings

Photo courtesy of Toronto Ultra

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