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Team-Based Ranked System may be Coming to Valorant in 2021

The end of 2020 is finally upon us and Valorant players may be in for a treat in 2021 thanks to Riot Games. In their article titled “End of Year: Competitive Play Area,” the popular developer teased an upcoming system that may be similar to ranked fives or may even resemble Clash from their MOBA game League of Legends.

Image courtesy of Riot Games

After a wild but exciting first year for Riot’s tactical shooter, the developer has been posting a series of articles titled “End of Year,” where they share details about the past and future of different areas within the game’s community. The competitive team’s “Competitive Play Area” article gave fans a teeny tidbit that might make quite a bit of people excited. 

“Gotta be coy here, but later next year, we plan to create a way to prove your skills and see how you stack up as a team,” wrote Valorant’s competitive team in their article. 

Could this be Riot teasing a potential team-based ranked system? Or could this even be an in-client tournament system similar to what League of Legends offers with Clash? 

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Either could be possible, especially with the sheer amount of concerns raised by the community about the ranked matchmaking system. Whether it’s issues about transparency when it comes to ranks, the difficulty (or ease) of climbing, or the absence of a ranked leaderboard, there have been tons of issues within the Valorant ranked system. 

But perhaps the most significant issue of all is the fact that a five-stack can still be matched against a group of solo queue players. This inevitably creates a massive advantage for the five-stack, but it’s very possible this is the exact issue Riot is trying to fix in Valorant’s sophomore year.

Either way, only time will tell what’s in store for Valorant players in 2021.

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