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Team DougIsRaw Wins NY Subliners $100,000 WarzoneMania

As the preseason continues, Call of Duty League teams host tournaments that are either fun for the fans or incredibly competitive that keeps the CoD League spirit alive. New York Subliners managed to do both and hosted an incredibly fun and competitive Warzone tournament partnering with Astro and Crocs. The finals finished up Monday, and Team DougIsRaw stepped up to win the big prize of $50,000.

Photo courtesy of the New York Subliners

The tournament format is pretty simple. Nineteen teams participated in total and only eight of them made it to the Grand Finals. On day one, teams which got into the first six spots moved straight to the Grand Finals. On the other hand, teams that couldn’t make it to the Grand Finals in the first stage had an extra chance at Rebirth Island. The top two of the Rebirth Island phase had their names written on the Grand Finals participants list.

New York Subliners player Clayster was the only captain from Call of Duty League that met the other teams in the Grand Finals. All the other players were either streamers or content creators, showing how competitive the tournament was. 

After the second day, the Grand Finals stage got to an end and Team DougIsRaw won the $50,000 prize. Team Clayster claimed second place and won $30,000. Third and fourth, who got $10,000, were 100 Thieves and Team Swagg. Complete standings are below.

  1. Team DougIsRaw (DougIsRaw, TeePee, Newbz)
  2. Team Clayster (Clayster, Frozone, Neslo)
  3. 100 Thieves (Tommey, Rated, Enable)
  4. Team Swagg (Swagg, Booya, TTinyy)

5-8. Team Aydan (Aydan, SuperEvan, JKap), Team Vikkstar123 (Vikkstar123, Jukeyz, BennyCentral), Team HusKerrs (HusKerrs, AverageJoeWoe, Jorge), Team MuTex (MuTex, Biffle, Zer0)

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