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Team Envy Takes Decisive Win In Match Against Immortals

NA Valorant powerhouses Team Envy took a decisive win against Immortals on Thursday. With a star studded roster including former T1 players Victor “food” Hong and Austin “crashies” Roberts, Envy swept Immortals 2-0 to claim a spot in the semifinals.

Team Envy
Photo Courtesy of Team Envy

The game started with an interesting choice in map as Immortals selected “Icebox,” making its debut in the NA scene. Regardless of the choice, Immortals showed some early aggression thanks to Andrew “SHoT Up” Orlowski and Noah ‘jcStani” Smith, striking first in Round 1 of the Series. However, thanks to impressive moves from food, Envy took some decisive wins to take the advantage in the series.

In Round 2, the game was extremely back and forth. Both teams made some incredible plays, such as the one featured above, depicting jcStani causing an insane amount of damage on the Omen.

From this point, Immortals and Envy went head to head against each other. There were clutch plays from all sides of the map including one from food on the Cypher against Immortal’s neptune.

Ultimately, Envy took Round 23 to get the match point and move onto the semifinals against TSM.

Envy made a statement against Immortals, proving to the World that they are capable of beating anyone in North America. Credit must be given to Immortals though. Players like SHot Up made waves against Envy especially in Game 2. In the end, they were outmatched by Envy, who look unbeatable.

First Strike continues Saturday.

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