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Team Heretics Beats G2 Esports, Advances to the Grand Final in First Strike: Europe

After defeating G2 esports from the tournament, First Strike: Europe’s initial finalist has been determined: Team Heretics. This was the first series that G2 Esports lost a best-of-three since the beginning of the closed beta.

First Strike: Europe
Photo courtesy of Team Heretics

Here’s the full recap of the series:


Everyone thought G2 would take this map without any difficulty, and with a 9-3 lead in the first half on the attacker’s side, it looked that way. Then, the VALORANT scene witnessed one of the most gorgeous comebacks in history. In the second half, we truly saw Heretic’s ability to attack perfectly and passionately. Their map rotation was nearly flawless, playing superb post-plants, eventually managing a comeback from 9-3 to 13-10. If you are a fan of VALORANT, you must watch this map to see what happens when you play with passion.


After a disappointing loss, G2 was searching a way back, and they found it in their players. The king of Europe began the map the same as in Ascent: aggressive. Mixwell and Ardiis popped-off, which ensured eight consecutive rounds to G2 in the first half. Heretics didn’t fall down, and were able to steal four rounds from the opponent to keep their dreams alive in the second half. G2 Esports had a different idea. They finished the map in a short time, winning Bind 13-5, tying the series 1-1.


This high level competition ended in Split with a wild game. One thing was clear since the beginning of the map: This one was going to be head-to-head. Team Heretics took the lead 5-1 in the first half with their solid defense, but weren’t able to hold it, and G2 tied the score 6-6. The second half was all about the tactical war between both teams. Each round, different names came to the forefront for their team, and one team left the server happy.

Team Heretics defeated the unkillable demon of Europe, G2 Esports, 13-10 and advanced to the Grand Final of First Strike: Europe.

Passion is the Key

This was a huge win Team Heretics and it wasn’t just luck. Today, they defeated a team that hadn’t lost a single best-of-three until this series. Beating G2 right after eliminating Liquid is not an easy task, and still Heretics accomplished this magnificently with their passionate and beautiful gameplay. Yes, they have five talented players in the roster, but the teamwork they showed off made them shine. 

They try to play VALORANT in the most beneficial way for them, waiting for the right moments even if it means sacrificing their teammates along the way. Heretics took the control of the maps in attack and secured the plants in clever ways. Most importantly, they performed well in the post-plant situations. As a VALORANT fan, I would like to thank Team Heretics for showing us how beautiful this game is when it’s played correctly.


This guy went crazy in this series. Not only being good at aiming, but by leading his team to the victory. The Spanish player ensured good map rotations for Team Heretics as the captain, while also popping-off every time his team needed it.

Now, Team Heretics are sitting in their chairs in the finals, waiting for their opponent: the winner of the FunPlus Phoenix – SUMN FC series. The grand final of First Strike: Europe will be played tomorrow as a best-of-five.

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