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Team Liquid: The Esports Organization with the Best Brand Partnerships

It’s no secret now—esports is a booming industry. Its appeal has reached global status, with esports organizations scattered all across the world. Multi-million-dollar corporations have taken notice of the professional gaming scene and organized some very lucrative brand partnerships for many teams, perhaps none more so than one in particular—Team Liquid.

Team Liquid: The Esports Organization with the Best Brand Partnerships
Source: Team Liquid

There’s a reason why Team Liquid is considered by many to be the best esports organization out there. The multi-regional conglomerate has won the most prize money in the history of esports, which has led to even more money from some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Here’s a look at some of the brands who gladly throw some cheddar Team Liquid’s way.


Source: Honda Motor Company

On Jan. 24 2019, Honda became the official automobile sponsor of Team Liquid. Honda has running equipment in all seven continents and currently operates 19 major manufacturing facilities in North America.

Part of the multinational brand’s philosophy is “To reach for dreams once thought impossible. Shatter records once thought unbreakable.”

A fitting partnership for one of the most respected and successful organizations in esports.

Monster Energy

Source: Monster Energy

Monster Energy has fueled Team Liquid since Nov. 15, 2016 as its first non-endemic sponsor. Monster Energy is the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks and alternative beverages. The prolific beverage brand is widely known for supporting many extreme sports and is heavily involved in the esports scene, with affiliates in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.


Source: Alienware

Alienware is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance gaming laptops and desktop computers, and a proud partner of Team Liquid since 2011. In the Spring of 2018, TL and Alienware launched the Alienware Training Facility, a world-class building in Los Angeles built as a training hub for Team Liquid athletes. Earlier this year, they revealed a new facility located in Team Liquid’s home city of Utrecht, Netherlands.


Source: HyperX

HyperX is the high-performance product division of Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. They are a very prominent figure in the gaming world as a gaming gear brand that offers many high-performance tech including memory modules, solid-state drives, USB Flash drives, headsets, and mouse pads. Earlier this year, HyperX announced the HyperX Showdown, a series of online gaming events that will feature celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, music, sports and gaming, along with well-known streamers. They’ve partnered with Team Liquid since 2015.

The celebrities and entertainers featured in HyperX’s 2019 “We’re All Gamers” campaign intended at boosting awareness about esports. Source: HyperX

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Source: Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s is a sub sandwich franchise with more than 1,500 stores open and under development nationwide. On Jan. 16, 2019, they announced their partnership with Team Liquid. As part of this partnership, they celebrate Team Liquid tournament wins by offering fans special discounts on sandwiches, meals, and more.


Source: Marvel Entertainment

Unless you’ve been living in an extremely remote location in the Marvel Universe, you are well aware of the popularity and influence that Marvel has in pop culture. Their vast collection of films, comics, and superheroes has made them one of the most recognizable brands in the world, even worth a $4 billion acquisition by Disney back in 2009. Marvel made its esports debut last year in perhaps one of the most ambitious crossovers in esports history when a collaboration with Team Liquid was announced to produce Avengers-inspired gear. Since then, they’ve released more crossover content and a new 2020 collection of Marvel, TL merchandise.


Source: Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. On Feb. 21, 2019, Team Liquid announced the video livestreaming service as its exclusive sponsorship sales representative. The partnership awards Twitch with the exclusive rights to manage sales and partnerships for the organization and also provides “one-stop access” for Team Liquid to promote itself across the platform. TL has also streamed exclusively on the platform for the past nine years.


Team Liquid’s success is undeniable. They’ve claimed titles across CS: GO, Super Smash Bros., Dota, and League of Legends, earning a rightful spot among the elite organizations in pro gaming. Such excellence in the field has established them as a staple in pro gaming, thus accumulating the best collection of brand sponsorships of any esports organization. 

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