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Team Ninja putting Nioh to rest in 2021

Someone better get an Estus flask to pour out for Nioh because it might be a while ‘till we see another entry in the series, if at all.

Courtesy of Team Ninja

In an interview with the Japanese games magazine Famitsu, director of the Nioh series Fumihiko Yasuda, explained Nioh has reached a “resting point.”

For those of you not in the know, Nioh is Team Ninja’s take on the Dark Souls-like formula. While the Nioh series certainly walked in the footprints of its contemporaries with hard-as-nails dodging/perry/blocking combat and a risk/reward leveling system, both Nioh games made a name for themselves with fantastical story based in Japanese history. What’s more, the game took the Dark Souls combat loop and added distinct Team Ninja aspects to it, such as combos.

Courtesy of Team Ninja

With the studio’s pedigree of games like Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, and the Warriors series, as well as the critically-acclaimed release of Nioh 2 just this year, it suffices to say that Souls-heads out there might miss seeing yet another take on the genre.

 According to the translated Famitsu interviews from Gematsu, Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda sees 2021 as a year of transition, a time to put a bow on the Nioh series’ seven years of development, and the start of several new game development projects at the Japanese game studio.

Yasuda also mentioned that Team Ninja is “preparing to announce several new titles” in the coming year. And hey, that “resting point” suggests that in some far-off future, there may be more Nioh coming our way.

Both Nioh and Nioh 2 will both be remastered and re-released on the PS5 this upcoming February 5.

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