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Team Vitality Surpasses Astralis in BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Finals

2020’s last BLAST CS:GO tournament has ended. France-based Team Vitality has surpassed the Danish giant Astralis with a 2-1 victory in BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 and has claimed $225,000 alongside 4000 BLAST points.

Courtesy of Team Vitality

The tournament lasted six days between Dec. 8-13 and hosted eight top teams that qualified from the regular season and BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Showdown. OG, Team Vitality, Astralis, BIG, FURIA Esports, G2 Esports, Natus Vincere and mousesports were among the participating teams.

The teams faced each other in a double-elimination playoff bracket instead of a group stage, and all matches were played as best-of-threes, including the grand final. Astralis made the finals, dropping to the lower bracket after losing against Na’Vi in the upper bracket quarter finals. Meanwhile, Vitality dropped only one map in semifinals against BIG on its way to the championship.

The grand final kicked off in Vertigo as the first map pick of Astralis, but they got demolished by a 16-4 score due to a good team effort of Vitality. Astralis have been losing maps they picked recently, and they need to solve this issue immediately if the team wants to return to their glory days.

We headed to Dust 2 for the next match in the series. Vitality had a chance to put an end to the series and reach the cup, but it wasn’t able to use it wisely in the last rounds of the game. The Danish lineup woke up and brought the score to 16-14 from down 14-13.

Unfortunately, it looked like Astralis took their last bullet in Dust 2. Team Vitality got the control of the game from the beginning on Inferno, denying every attack strategy of Astralis on CT side and earned a 12-3 lead in the first half. After winning the pistol round, everything was easy for French squad. They won the map 16-5 and defeated Astralis 2-1. Finishing the final with 1.33 rating, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire has been selected as the MVP of the final.

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