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Team WE Sweeps LGD Gaming in Demacia Cup Quarter Final

Viewers witnessed another 3-0 series in the Demacia Cup today. Team WE swept The Worlds 2020 participant LGD Gaming in the last quarter finals series of the tournament.

Photo courtesy of Tencent Games

Game 1

Spectators witnessed an unusual pick from LGD: Irelia bot lane in the first match of the series. However, that choice didn’t work out as Worlds 2020 participant expected. The game had a slow start until Team WE’s jungler beinshang visited the bottom lane and secured two kills for his team.

Even though Team WE benefited very well from Irelia’s early game weaknesses, especially as the ADC, which helped expand the lead, the LGD side closed the gap with clever river plays. The breaking point of the game is the 14th minute; While Team WE nicely executed Cult in the top lane thanks to their well-organized dive, LGD failed a 1v4 dive, though recovering their loss was the main goal. Afterwards, the match was all about snowball effect, and Team WE won a teamfight in the mid lane, took the baron, and destroyed Nexus in the 23rd minute.

Game 2

Second game’s champion picks were more familiar to the scene than game 1 with one exception: Aatrox jungle for Team WE. After seven minutes of controlling both the map and rotations, Team WE took the first blood with a bot lane gank, leading their ADC Jlumeng to an early advantage. The winning team had the same strategy as the previous game; focusing bot lane was the key for Team WE.

Although they lost control of the game since Garvey was far behind, LGD managed to stay in by taking mutual kills throughout the mid game. However, Team WE secured a sneaky baron in the 22nd minute and took over the driver seat of the game again. They grabbed the dragon soul, won a teamfight at the bottom river in the 23rd, and closed the game in 33rd minute by taking Elder Dragon alongside Nashor buffs.

Game 3

In game 3, LGD decided to give Irelia bot lane another shot, and they regretted this choice immediately as Garvey lost all of his summoners in the first minute. Unlike the previous games of the series, LGD’s side sought to earn some leads in the bot lane, but they couldn’t find any. Jlumeng grabbed the first blood in the 6th minute as Samira.

Team WE once again took all the dragons. Beside, Breathe, and Shanks did great jobs in their lanes, which made everything easier for WE. With a strong late game composition, Team WE looked for an ending in the 23rd minute while leading the game. They won a teamfight for dragon soul and a Nashor buff afterwards. However, Team WE needed seven minutes more to end the game. In the 30th minute, the team swept their opponent in the last teamfight and finished the series.

Team WE will face JDG Gaming in the semifinal of Demacia Cup tomorrow.

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