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Temp Joins LA Thieves

Call of Duty League’s new member, LA Thieves, has finalized its roster. After signing TJHaLy, SlasheR and Kenny, the team announced that the fourth player on the roster will be Temp.

100 Thieves
Photo courtesy of LA thieves

LA Thieves’ roster was predictable, and after the leak their fourth man was no longer a mystery, but it had yet to be officially confirmed. Today, LA Thieves announced that the fourth player on the roster will be Temp which justifies the leak.

LA Thieves acquired OpTic Gaming LA’s Call of Duty slot and entered the league of the best. The team not only acquired the OpTic’s slot, but also signed three players and a head coach OpTic had contracted. TJHaLy, SlasheR and Kenny were the main pieces of the roster, adding legendary player JKap as the new head coach.

Temp is a well known and respected Call of Duty player. His career started around 2014, and he has since played for 12 different teams in six years. His last home was the New York Subliners, where he and his teammates managed to finish the season in the 7-8th spot. Temp is known for his playmaking skills.

The roster’s ceiling seems pretty high with JKap’s coaching. The legendary Call of Duty player’s experience will help the team on their journey this year. The roster is stacked with experienced players. While the lack of a hungry spirit might be a problem since the least experienced player on the roster has been around for almost 5 years, it is clear that with this roster, Nadeshot is aiming for the championship. On the other hand, three people on the roster are 21, which means the hungry spirits might be out there.

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