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Tfue Swatted on Stream

It appears that gaming legend Tfue was swatted while live streaming.

Photo courtesy of Dexerto

In the video of the incident, Tfue is streaming Minecraft when suddenly we can hear people calling for him to come out of his room with his hands up. He responds by walking out of his room and off camera, telling law enforcement, “I have my hands up sir.”

“Getting Swatted” is a prank where someone makes a false police report about another person, usually that they have a bomb or something else very serious. The result is usually the police or FBI taking it seriously, and entering the home of the person who was swatted, often by force, only to discover the call was a fake. It is very dangerous and very illegal, as it puts people in danger and also wastes law enforcement’s effort and time.

This is not the first time that a swatting has occurred in the gaming community, and it most likely won’t be the last. In 2018 a gamer was charged with manslaughter, after swatting a man in Kansas, costing the man his life.

This story is still breaking, but it seems that no one was injured by this dangerous “prank.”

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