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Games That Won’t Break The Bank: The Best Budget-Friendly Games

As far as hobbies go, gaming is pretty high up there on the list of pricey activities. With the gear, internet speed, and games themselves, it can get very expensive very quickly. If you love gaming but you’re on a budget, read along to learn about the top five games you can purchase that will give you major thrills but will keep your expenses to a minimum. 


As a brief disclaimer before we get into it, these five games might not be the cheapest games out there, but they are some of the cheapest games out there that are guaranteed high-quality. In my work for this article, I found many games being sold at extremely low prices, but the games themselves were not always the highest quality. Buying on a budget does mean spending a small amount of money, but it also means spending the money you do want to spend on something worthwhile, even if it isn’t the cheapest option. These games aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but they are certainly the best quality for the best price. 

Untitled Goose Game

Photo courtesy of House House

Coming in at number five, Untitled Goose Game, for only $19.99 on Steam, is an excellent way to add some inexpensive relaxation to your gaming experience. This game is one of the most easy-going games I have come across in all of my gaming adventures, and there is nothing more relaxing than a game that eases your mind while barely making a dent in your savings.

Fall Guys

Photo courtesy of Mediatonic

In fourth place, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently on sale (at time of writing) for $15.99 on Steam, but even at its full price of $19.99, this game is sure to uplift your spirits without adding any pressure to your finances. There really is nothing better than a game full of adorable characters, exhilarating obstacles, and a healthy amount of competition, and combining all of that with a cheap price tag is a surefire winner.


Photo courtesy of Kinetic Games

At number three, if you’re a horror fan on a budget, Phasmophobia is a steal at only $13.99 on Steam. You can check out this article from our very own Rachel Mailhot, or this one from also-our-very-own Mariah Qaiser, for a more in depth look at Phasmophobia. If you’re looking to give yourself a fright without sending a shock through your bank account, this is the game for you.

Stardew Valley

Photo courtesy of ConcernedApe

In second place, the digital version of Stardew Valley for the Switch can be found at Best Buy for only $14.99 (it’s also on Steam for the same price.) Stardew Valley was one of the first Switch games I ever played, so it holds quite a special place in my heart, and at this price, I am thinking about picking up the digital copy so that I can play it again. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-going game on a budget, this is the deal for you!

Photo courtesy of Innersloth

The number one game on this budget-friendly list is the fan-favorite of many months now: Among Us. For only $4.99 on the PC and for free on iOS and Android, Among Us is exceptional because it is a game that everyone loves playing and that everyone can afford to play. Often, the most popular games get hiked up to crazy prices because the creators know that people will pay it, so the fact that Among Us is so accessible makes it, if possible, even better than just a super fun game. 

There are a lot of really cheap games out there, including ones that are even cheaper than the ones of this list, but the trick to finding a cheap game still worth buying is searching for a well-made game that hasn’t been given a high price point. As I was composing this list, I saw many games available for under $5, which are certainly the most budget-friendly, but really, if you’re looking to enjoy gaming, even on a budget, spending $15 for a game that you know is excellent is a more worthwhile use of your money than spending $5 on a game that might be good, but that you don’t know a lot about. 

A $15 game might not be the cheapest option out there, but if you know it’s a good game, it’s absolutely worth it. With all of that said, when you’re picking out your favorite bargain-buys in gaming, always remember that the most important thing is to buy to suit your own style; a $5 game might be a steal, but if it’s a game you don’t like, it’s not worth it. Alternatively, you might find that you love games that regularly sell for $5 or less, in which case, buy away! When all is said and done, the most important thing is that you enjoy the games you buy, no matter how great of a deal they might be. 

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