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The Best Fortnite Seasons of All Time

Fortnite has been around for years and has kept a good schedule of updates since the game first came out. This is one of the reasons that so many people still play the game. Its major updates come out in sections, which they call seasons, and as you could expect some are a lot better than others. As a major fan of the game who has played every single season, here are some of my favorites.

Courtesy of ItsOwen

No. 5: Season 4

I know I also put this season on my list of worst seasons, but the fact that this season had one of the first large collaborations with Fortnite and another brand also makes it one of my favorites. Don’t like it? Sue me. I can make my lists however I want. You were able to play as Thanos this season, which led to so much fun. This was one of the times where the developers really did well in making an overpowered aspect to the game that still made it possible for players who did not have this overpowered item to still win and do well in the game. Playing as Thanos was also just so satisfying.

No. 4: Season 3

This season was the first season to add a storyline to the Battle Royale portion of the game. The storyline is still going on to this day. This was what changed Fortnite into a passing fling to a legendary game. Adding a storyline was an incredible thing as it gave even more life to a game that could have gotten boring fast. The storyline this season was that meteorites were falling from the sky, which continued on into Season 4.

No. 3: Season 8

This season changed the map up in a ton of ways. Season 7 was a winter wonderland while Season 8 took players to a tropical paradise with pirates and even a volcano. A limited-time mode was also added called Floor is Lava, which is one of the best limited time modes they have ever added. The map was all around exciting and new, and gave players a whole new outlook on what the game could be. 

No. 2: Chapter 2 Season 1

This season gets a spot on the list just because of the hype leading up to it. After Season 10, the game actually shut down for a couple days, leaving fans wondering if it was even going to come back. Finally, after days of streamers literally sitting on the screens waiting for the game to come back, Fortnite returned with a whole new map and a ton of added features such as fishing. This season totally changed Fortnite forever, which is why it gets a spot on my list.

No. 1: Season 2

This season was amazing because it took the bland boring map that was present in Season 1 and added a ton of cool things to it. This was the season where the famous location Tilted Towers was added, and I still remember the hype surrounding it. Seeing a lobby where 75% of players headed to one location made it easy for other players to go somewhere else and get easy wins. What a great time to be playing Fortnite. The Chug Jug was also added this season, which changed the way players used shields forever.

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