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The Biggest Esports Cash Prizes Ever Won

Esports Prizes
Photo courtesy of HotSpawn

Standing on a world stage with a huge check is the dream of many a gamer. Going one-on-one against another team for a potential six-figure payout is something we are getting used to seeing with the normalization of esports. These games get national attention, but which ones have paid out the most?

5. PUBG Global Championship 2019


Image courtesy of PUBG

This tournament is first on our list, but the smallest prize pool out of the bunch. Still, it’s a $3,000,000+ increase from their last tournament, and they had plenty of fans to compete for it. With 32 teams of 128 players on the field, there was a lot of competition to cut away if you wanted to get your hands on any of the top prizes. Gen.G took home over $2,020,000 of that, earning each of their five players $404,000. FaZe Clan and Four Angry Men, who took second and third, brought home $620,000 and $320,000 respectively. 

4.Call of Duty League Championship 2020


Image courtesy of Forbes

This year’s champion pool was over double what was at stake for the Call of Duty XP Championship in 2016, which was an even $2,000,000. 51 players grouped in 10 teams for the cash prize. The Dallas Empire group took home $1,500,000 after securing their first place title. Atlanta Faze, who came in second, took home $900,000. Chicago Huntsmen landed in third, but still won $600,000. 

With next year’s championship most likely centering on Cold War, you can bet the prize will be bigger than this year’s. 

3. L.O.L 2018 World Championship 


Image courtesy of PlayVS

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports series we have, and every single tournament sees massive cash prizes for the qualifiers. I could have easily made this list on just L.O.L and Dota 2 alone, but where’s the fun in that? 2018 was L.O.L.’s largest cash offering yet, and the roster was comprised of 24 124-player teams that fought for the coveted ranks. Invictus Gaming came out in first place and claimed the 1st place prize of $2,418,750. Fnatic brought home $870,750, while Cloud9 took $451,500.

2. Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019- Solos


Image courtesy of TheVerge

There is less than $300,000 that separated the Solos finals from the Duo’s, but $300,000 is a life-changing amount of money. If you followed the tournament last year then you know that 17-year-old Bugah was able to win the top prize of $3,000,000 for himself, and he’s still active in Fortnite tournaments. $1,800,000 went to Pslams, and $1,200,000 went to EpikWhale. 

1. The Internationals 2019- Dota 2


Image courtesy of Polygon

The Internationals has a long-standing history of having the biggest cash prizes around. Even in 2011, it wasn’t a stranger to handing out seven-figure sums to its competitors, and it’s made our list for having the biggest prize pool in esports history thus far. Its ever-increasing winnings mean more intense matches every year. Last year, 90 players making up just 18 teams took part in the tourney. OG, who placed first, won a whopping $15,620,181. Second and third place rankers, Team Liquid, and PSG.LSD took home $4,462,908 and $3,089,706 for themselves. 

Those are the top 5 biggest esports cash prizes ever won, but they’re also the top 5 biggest esports cash prizes won so far. As esports blossoms, we can look forward to even bigger prize pools in the future and a whole lot of competition to go around.

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