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The Elder Scrolls Series Is Coming To Netflix

Lots of people expected the Elder Scrolls series to get an adaptation when word first broke that The Witcher would be hitting Netflix. Witcher was a huge success, and Scrolls is primed to follow. Here’s what we know so far about the show. 

Elder Scrolls
Courtesy of Zenimax Media

This rumour comes to us straight from Daniel Richmand’s Patreon page, but leave room for doubt: it is the internet after all. TV shows stemming from video games have become common in the past few years, as shown by Bethesda stating they were using the Westworld team to create a live-action Fallout series. 

He says that Netflix wants the show to be just as, if not bigger, than the Witcher series that came out earlier this year. There is so much lore in the Elder Scrolls series that they could pretty much jump from anywhere and have a solid plot-line to go from. There still isn’t any word on if this is going to be centred on the Dovahkiin or if we’re going to be introduced to a totally new time in Tamriel’s history.

Courtesy of Netflix


We are coming up on nearly a decade since Skyrim hit the shelves, and this show could be one hell of a combo if it releases anytime near the game, which is sure to add heat to both of the series mediums. Stay tuned for more upcoming details about Netflix’s Elder Scrolls show.

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