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The First Finalist of First Strike: Turkey Becomes Clear, Full Third Day Recap

After four entertaining series, the initial finalist of First Strike: Turkey became clear today. The grand final will be played tomorrow, just after the lower-bracket final.

First Strike
Photo courtesy of Riot Games Turkey

Here’s the full recap of today’s matches.

Sangal Esports – Mod-Z

The lower-bracket second round started with Sangal as the prominent team in the series. Within the first match, all players took their places in Mod-Z’s pick: Haven. Mod-Z’s tactics could only be described as “aggressive,” and they kept this attitude throughout the game. They had an answer to every play that Sangal made, and eventually Mod-Z took the first map 13-6.

For the second game, the teams visited Ascent, aka Sangal Esports’ comfort zone. Mod-Z wanted to keep their momentum and close the series with 2-0, but Sangal’s well-prepared attack plans coupled with better communication in post-plant situations led them to tie the series 1-1 with a 13-9 win.

Everyone loves an underdog story, and one of them was written in Split today. The last map of the series was picked by Sangal Esports, but Mod-Z was the one who felt at home. After the acceptable attacker side performance, they lost only one round in the second half as defenders with their nearly perfect retakes. Mod-Z went on to win Split 13-6 and the series 2-1, knocking Sangal Esports out of the tournament.

Oxygen Esports – Anatolia Esports

Before the tournament, Oxygen Esports was a strong candidate for champion, but Anatolia Esports didn’t back down. With the brilliant performance from L7, Anatolia Esports performed so well in Bind, they defeated Oxygen Esports 13-6 and took the lead in the series, 1-0.

This was Oxygen Esports’ last chance to stay in the tournament and they took it. Consisting of a bunch of superb individual performances, the game also proved that even the best can make mistakes in the moments of truth. Still, Oxygen Esports played better in the last rounds, thanks to their star player Turko, who dropped 29 frags in Ascent, and they grabbed the win 13-10.

This exciteful series’ last location was Split. Oxygen Esports started the map with full control, but Anatolia managed to bounce back in a short amount of time and tied the score at the end of the first half. The second half was full of chaos due to Anatolia’s fast-paced and unrestrained attacker plays, which earned them a couple of wins. However, Oxygen Esports had enough experience to turn the situation around and handle the clutch rounds. They grabbed the map 13-10 and won the series 2-1. With this score, Anatolia Esports bid farewell to First Strike: Europe.

BBL Esports – Futbolist

In the upper-bracket final, attacking performances and clutch rounds determined the winner of the first map, Bind. BBL Esports surprised Futbolist with their storm-like beginning and finished the first half with 9-3. Futbolist, not to be outdone, turned back the score 10-9. This was the wake up call for russz, and he took the responsibility to stop Futbolist. Dropping 27 frags in the map, BBL’s star player helped his team secure a 13-11 win.

Thanks to the confidence they gained in the previous map, BBL entered Ascent with the same speed. They denied Futbolist’s attacks, and even though they made some mistakes at the end of the first half, this didn’t stop BBL Esports from activating their attacker’s side’s god-like mode. Without dropping a single round in the second half, they became the first finalist of First Strike: Turkey by defeating Futbolist 2-0.

Oxygen Esports – Mod-Z

First Strike: Europe saw its first 13-0 game in the third round of the lower-bracket. Whatever Mod-Z did fell short against Oxygen’s defence in Ascent. Starting the map as defenders, Oxygen Esports put up a wall in the server to claim the lead in the series.

After the devastating loss, Mod-Z looked for a restoration and a chance for holding onto the series in Split. The map started with Oxygen Esports’ good attacking performance which provided them a 8-4 lead. The second half was Mod-Z’s last hope, but even trying their best, they were unable to outperform Oxygen. Oxygen Esports won the map 13-10 and the series 2-0. They’ll face Futbolist in the lower-bracket final.

First Strike: Turkey will continue with lower-bracket final and the grand final tomorrow.

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