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The Gaming Community Was Well Represented at the 10th Annual Streamy Awards

The Streamy Awards honors excellence in online video and the creators behind it in over forty-five awards categories. During this year’s 10th annual ceremony, the gaming world proved once again the impact and influence it has on the online community.

Courtesy of Youtube

The 2020 Streamy Awards were broken up into three separate sections, each representing a distinct set of awards with a shared theme: the Streamy Awards, the Streamys Social Good Awards, and the Streamys Brand Awards. Here is the breakdown of all of the gaming figures who took home awards during the event.

Streamy Awards

Creator of the Year – MrBeast

Livestreamer – Nickmercs

Live Special – MrBeast’s $25,000 Influencer Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tournament

Scripted Series – A Heist with Markiplier

Animated – Jaiden Animations

Gaming – Dream

Technology – Marques Brownlee

Writing – CalebCity

Streamys Creator Honors – CalebCity from Kyle Exum

Streamys Fan Award: Creator Squad – 2HYPE

Streamys Social Good Awards

Creator – The Game Theorists – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital #CancelCancer LIVE, and MrBeast – Feeding America Food Drive

Nonprofit or NGO – Arbor Day Foundation – #TeamTrees (w/ MrBeast and Mark Rober)

Streamys Brand Awards

Brand Engagement – 100 Thieves Cash App Compound Reveal – Cash App

Branded Content: Video – We Lost A FaZe Member – G FUEL

For an awards show not specifically centered around gaming like the Esports Awards or the Game Awards, the gaming community certainly left its mark at this year’s Streamy awards, further solidifying the cultural impact of gaming and esports.

For a full breakdown of the nominees and winners from the entire show, click here.

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