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The Giant Scorpion: A Gamer’s Dream Chair

Everyone knows that a gamer’s chair is his kingdom, where he or she goes through the highs and the lows of gaming. This is why it is so important that you have a good one. Well, now any gamer who has $1900 to spare can purchase The Giant Scorpion, a gaming chair/workspace that resembles a giant scorpion. The chair supports one 49-inch monitor or three smaller monitors. The chair can also recline to 170 degrees.

Courtesy of Cluvens

This is no ordinary gaming chair: players will need to carve out a decent amount of space for this monster of a setup, as the machine is 265 pounds and 65 inches long.

As you can see in the following tweet, the chair can quickly recline and morph into any position the owner wants. No longer will you have to keep moving around while playing video games in order to get comfy. With The Giant Scorpion, a flick of a switch can give a player constant comfort while playing.

Still not convinced? Along with the scorpion-like mechanics, the chair can also heat up and give massages. Imagine you are about to rage in a game after suffering a bad loss, but instead of caving to your anger, you just get a quick message and get back to work. Sounds like a dream to me. So, what do you all think? Is $1900 too much to pay for a dream chair like this? Would you even have enough space in your room for this chair? Let me know what you think about this chair and if you are planning on getting one.

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