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The Latest Madden NFL 2021 Info

The first information about the preorder of everyone’s favorite football game Madden has come out and left fans very excited about the release. With sports having been gone for so long, fans are dying to get any football they can, and with the information released so far, fans have reason to be pumped. Madden has become a vital part of the of NFL culture more than any other sports game has to its sport. The gameplay is smooth, the team and player rankings are solid and statistically accurate, and playing against your homie in Madden has led to some of the best friendship beefs in the history of gaming.

Courtesy of whatculture

I remember one of the first times I ever played Madden, I was able to beat by friend simply because I knew football better than him. Year after year, Madden finds a way to really prioritize football skills and knowledge, letting them play a vital part in winning the game. This is unlike some other sports games like 2K, where knowing basketball will not give you much of an advantage over a player who has been playing for a while.

Madden is one of the few games that releases a successor every year. This means that the turnaround time for a new game is quick and information is released very quickly. What we know so far is that the game will be released August 28 and will be playable on all upcoming consoles. Fear not, you will be able to play it if you decide to get the updated consoles this holiday season.

Major updates to the game include better ball-carrying mechanics and more options and control over your plays. Madden finds a way every year to turn the same game into something worth buying simply because of the continuous upgrades in quality. That being said, the story mode in Madden games has been notoriously bad, like almost-unplayable bad. This year, I have high hopes for this mode, as information has come out that players will be able to choose from a couple different positions to control instead of the usual “quarterback only.” This will allow players to escape the repetitive situations they were placed into in the previous games.

As per usual, there are a couple different versions of the game to buy. The standard edition is $60 and comes with the standard game and some preorder bonuses. The deluxe edition will be $80 and will have the standard game, preorder bonuses, and an additional seven gold fantasy packs. You will also get to play the game three days early. Finally, the MVP edition comes with a Lamar Jackson elite item, a large quick-sell training pack, a MCS champion pack, an elite player card, your choice of uniform pack, and finally, 17 fantasy team packs. You will also get to play the game three days early with this version. If you are a true super-fan of the series, this is the version of the game you need to get. It will allow you to get a jump start on the game and be well on your way to being a superstar.

Whatever your level of involvement with the series until now, Madden NFL 21 promises to be an edition you won’t want to miss.

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