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The Lil Nas X Roblox Concert Was Attended by a TON of People

For those of you who may not have known, songwriter and performer Lil Nas X, the artist behind the mega-smash-hit “Old Town Road,” had a concert on Roblox.

Lil Nas X
Courtesy of Roblox

If you lived under a rock last year and somehow have not heard the song that I literally must have heard 1000 times during my senior year of college, please, please click that hyperlink. You know what? I’ll include the video here, too. You can’t stop me.

Lil Nas X has honestly faded out of the zeitgeist a bit after releasing his breakout song, but now he has reentered the music and the video game world with a bang. In a virtual Roblox concert viewed by 33 million people, he performed some older songs and even premiered his newest upcoming song, “Holiday.” You can hear a snippet of the song in the tweet that he released a couple days before the performance or go look up the full song on YouTube.

This is not the first time that a major artist has used video games to promote and even premiere a new song. Travis Scott had a similar virtual concert on Fortnite a while back. Lil Nas X continued this trend and it really makes me wonder what other artists may be looking to also get into the video game world. There are so many possibilities for insane performers to promote their music in any video game imaginable.

In terms of Roblox, I have really never played the game and only really heard about it from this concert. Maybe I am just out of the loop and this is a really amazing popular game, but if this concert was able to get me interested in the game, who knows how many others were in the same boat as me. Video game developers are probably starting to realize that getting a big name to release music in your game will take your project to the next level, and I cannot wait to see what’s next.

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