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Fall Guys VS. Among Us

One day, the world woke up to adorable beans pushing each other into slime in the hopes of winning a virtual crown. Streamers quickly flocked to Mediatonic’s title Fall Guys in what many called the “Multiplayer Game of 2020.” Like everything this year, the unexpected became reality, and Fall Guys seemed prime to grab both the in-game crown and the actual one. Soon, however, a game from *checks notes* 2018 found its way up the streaming leaderboards: Innersloth’s Among Us. Each game has value in their own right, but recently Among Us has been dominating the streaming world, where Fall Guys held the title just weeks before.

Fall Guys

It is not unheard of for games to fall in and out of the spotlight. Battle of Bikini Bottom, an underrated game at the time of release, was given a second wind in later years, one that blew in a remaster, Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated. A similar, yet still very different, story is told through Among Us. While unsuccessful at the time of its release, the game was, for all intents and purposes, very well made; what befell them was marketing. So as COVID-19 continued to ravage the world and the gaming world continued to see a massive uptake in streams and revenue, a multiplayer game full of fun connectivity needed to step in.

Fall Guys filled the role.

As this fun-filled multiplayer battle-royale title gifted humanity with six foot tall bean people, the world gushed as a simple to play, difficult to master, cartoonish video game occupied everyone’s time. Selling seven million copies on steam and being the most downloaded game ever on Playstation Plus, Mediatonic seemed to have a massive hit on their hands. In fact, so many people were playing, the servers crashed upon launch.

Then, just as sudden as it began, Fall Guys streams started decreasing, and Innersloth picked up the slack. Among Us was given a second wind two years after initial release. This simple to play, also difficult to master (albeit due to players’ ability to manipulate people in real time being a factor) and also equally cartoonish multiplayer game crashed onto people’s radar like a category five hurricane. Innersloth’s title increased streaming hours by 650 percent within the last month, while Fall Guys saw a decrease in streams, with estimates ranging from 10 to 60 percent. The Among Us hype has been so huge that the developers cancelled the sequel in favor of focusing more attention on the original game.

Seeing these statistics at a glance, it would seem like Among Us has replaced Fall Guys, but in actuality this isn’t the case; far from it. While streams for the latter have decreased, they haven’t disappeared, and many people are still continuously playing the game. All it means is that Fall Guys has met a comparable rival, one so beloved people have speculated there could be a crossover between the two indie games. Even Fall Guys’ official twitter account seemed to be on board.

Speaking of, Fall Guys twitter still boasts 1.5 million followers, whereas Innersloth has a little over 150k.

It also should be noted that any use of the word rival, including in this article, should have a hint of fun to it. The devs seem to get along, with Fall Guys even expressing their love for Among Us.

At the end of the day, regardless of who comes out on top in a competition that neither side is trying to win, one can’t help but marvel that two indie games created by almost unknown developers have taken the world by storm, bringing people together in a time where connection is needed the most

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