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The New Generation of Xbox and PlayStation: What We Know So Far

It may seem like only yesterday that the PS4 and Xbox 1 came into our lives and changed the world of gaming as we knew it. Surprisingly, that was back in November of 2013, and almost 7 years later the gaming community finally has some updates on the next generation of console gaming.

The New Generation of Xbox and PlayStation: What We Know So Far
Photo courtesy of Sony

The new Xbox console will be called the Xbox Series X and the new PlayStation console will continue with the usual name upgrade and be called the PS5.

According to reports, gamers can expect the next generation of consoles to launch during the 2020 holiday season. Although this is not a specific date, one could guess that the competing companies want to have their products out sometime before the major holidays; that way, parents, gamers, and parent-gamers alike will be able to purchase them as presents.

There has not yet been a price set for either console, but according to an IGN interview, we will get an update on the cost of the next-gen Xbox later this summer. Going off of this, we can assume that we will also be getting a price for the PS5 around that time. In the same interview, it was also stated that Microsoft could be preparing to price the Xbox Series X at a “loss” in order to make it more affordable to the gaming community.

Although not a large amount is known about the upcoming release of the next gen consoles, we as consumers can continue to expect information to trickle in over the next couple months to prepare us for an exciting holiday season.

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft
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