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The Rise of NBA 2K League Star ‘Kenny Got Work’

“I am inevitable…. 2 time MVP.”

Those are the words of NBA 2K League and Raptors Uprising GC star Kenneth Hailey, AKA Kenny Got Work, as they appear on his Twitter bio. The Memphis native has quickly established his position as one of the world’s top NBA 2K players ever since joining the NBA’s esports league during its inaugural 2018 season. 

His rise has only just begun.

Courtesy of The Canadian Press

Made in Memphis

Kenneth “Kenny Got Work” Hailey was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where he developed his competitive nature. At the age of five, Hailey’s first taste of intense competition came from fierce battles in Mortal Kombat with his cousins and uncle, Montrell. Hailey started playing 2K in 1999 with his uncle, who would often defeat him at the game. This motivated the future esports star to improve his skills, and by 2007, Hailey had begun playing competitively and making a name for himself in the online community.

Kenny put the entire community on notice by winning the NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament and taking a share of the $250,000 prize with his teammates on “Still Thrill.” Shortly afterwards, he was invited to take part in the newly formed NBA 2K league where he was drafted 11th overall by the Raptors Uprising GC during the inaugural 2018 season. Hailey has since proven to be a cornerstone of the 2K League as one of, if not the best, 2K player in the world, becoming the first multi-tournament MVP in NBA 2K League history after claiming honors at the 2020 Tip-Off tournament.

Kenny’s decision to switch to point guard after an underwhelming 8-6 record in 2019 proved to be the beginning of a potential league MVP run for Hailey and a historic run for Raptors Uprising GC. On July 30, the Raptors improved to a league-leading 15-0, establishing the record for the longest single-season winning streak in the competition’s three-year history. The Raptors’ 15 wins are also the most in a regular season in league history, powered by MVP caliber performances from Kenny Got Work.

From full-time forklift driver at AT&T to NBA 2K Legend and league MVP candidate, Kenny Got Work continues to impress.

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