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The RPG You Should Have Played: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning didn’t get the success it deserved on launch, but with it’s recent remaster, there’s all the more reason for you to pick up your role as the Fatesworn.

Courtesy of THQ Nordic

When I heard this game was getting a remaster which included all the expanded content, I immediately sent a freakout text to friends and family even though I knew they couldn’t care less. As could be guessed, the thought of being able to revisit the Faelands for the umpteenth time in its new glory had me beyond hyped. 

The game’s artwork was made by Todd McFarlane, the guy who made Spawn, so you know the artwork was some top-notch stuff. The story sees you take the role of four different playable races with three separate tree skills that have 22 options each. The best part? You can mix and match. If you want to be a Rogue that has magic chakras, you can. All three skill trees are able to be mixed together, and it provides for some pretty damn fun gameplay. 

You start the game by being revived in an experiment that takes place in the Well of Souls, and learning you’re the first-ever successful revive in the history of the experiment. The game never tells you exactly how you died outright until you reach the later portion of the game, and it’s left to you to forge your own destiny from there on out. This leaves you dubbed the “Fateless One,” which is a pretty badass name to have in a Fantasy RPG. 

“Fateless One” isn’t the only title you have to go by; as you level up, you’ll unlock cards that tack on bonus for specific skills and abilities. Each skill tree has a set, and the higher up you go down that one skill tree, the higher the bonus and cooler the title. A personal favorite of mine was “Universalist,” which allowed me to have all of my skills trees set equal to each other and ramped up my damage for every possible attack type. 

Courtesy of Kingdoms of Amalur Wiki

The crafting aspects of the game is another seriously fun thing to play around with here, especially when it comes to blacksmithing. Provided you have the money, skill level, proper materials and follow the guides step-by-step, you can craft legitimate God-like armor that would see the strongest enemies barely phasing you. This is likewise with weapons where you can easily chop down anything in your path with just one or two swings. 

Don’t expect any future installments of this game. Even though the remaster was successful, there’s nothing solid enough in place to green-light a sequel. Even though the game sold close to 2 million copies when it came out, it was deemed a failure for not selling the 3 million copies needed to break even. Public criticism from the Rhode Island Governor caused a $30+ million contract that pulled development on the sequel and killed all hopes of any future work with the title. 


This is one of the best single-player RPGs made in the past decade, and it’s a shame we won’t see a sequel coming out. The lore, world design, and gameplay were so well-crafted that I keep coming back to the game again and again. Kings of Amalur: Reckoning is a game I can’t recommend enough.

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