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The Story of My First Quad Warzone Win

Everyone has those moments in life that you can remember vividly. For me, some of these memories include my first kiss, my first homerun in little league and you best believe my first quad Warzone win. I am going to be the first to say this: despite the fact that I write for a video game website, I am not the greatest at video games. For around three months, I and three other big noob friends struggled to get that sacred quad Warzone win.

Courtesy of Activision

I was getting frustrated to say the least after around 80 games without luck, emphasis on “least.” I was having literal nightmares about times my squad and I were so close to victory but choked at the last second. We must have had at least 8 second place finishes. But after finally securing that victory, my nightmares have stopped. Here’s how it went down.

It started off as a normal game: we decided to run prison, as the map was really good for it. I landed on the helicopter and immediately took it up to one of the higher towers. There was only one other squad that landed there, and two of my friends were easily able to take them all out while I was flying the chopper. Surprisingly, they were significantly worse than us. For a little bit everything was calm. My team and I were posted by prison for around ten minutes until finally we had to move. By this time there were a little over 20 teams left and around 65 people left. This is where it gets interesting. While we were parachuting to the next circle, I was shot at by a full squad and had to dip off-course in order to hide. I landed around 30 meters from the rest of my squad and hid in a building while bullets echoed around me. As soon as I got to cover, I heard a door behind me open. Two people rushed in thinking they could get the easy jump on me, but I quickly took them down. As I finished killing them, I was begging for my teammates to come to me and give me some backup, but they were in a fight of their own.

I looked at the screen and—to my surprise— the number of people left was less than 40 with only a couple circles left to go. With that small of a circle, I was bound to run into more people than usual, and almost on cue, I heard the claymore set behind me go off. I’d set it to guard the other entrance, and guard it it did: the blast fully knocked the guy, who must’ve been weak from another fight. That’s kill number three. I didn’t have much time to think as the storm was coming and I needed to get closer to my teammates. I left my little safe house and started running as fast as I could.

While running to my teammates, I picked off another two guys struggling to outrun the storm. That’s five kills. When I finally got to my teammates, there were only 5 teams left and 14 people. With all four people alive on our squad, the numbers were on our side. A three-person squad rushed into the house that me and my team were in and we quickly took them out. I ended up getting two of the kills, making my total now 7, the most I have ever had in any Warzone game. Now there are only two teams left: my full squad of four and an enemy squad of two. Time to go full clutch. I start to have flashbacks to all the times this squad had choked. Living nightmares of second place wins and broken dreams. Those nightmares would soon come to an end.

I would like to say that I had a major role in the final battle but that would be a lie. I was very injured and spent most of it hiding and putting on armor. But when that Warzone victory finally popped up on my screen and I knew the job was done, I was finally able to take a breather and relax. The boys and I had won the game.

Even if I’m just being dramatic, everyone’s first win comes with this same feeling of relief and excitement. The vision of finally seeing that victory pop up on my screen will be with me for a long time.

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